Flash. Is. Closing. I. Am. Late.

**EDIT: Hahaha yes Magic Sinker I realize I’m late with this but it just had to be posted. Anyway, carry on!

Before I start ranting about all this, I have a question for all of you. Who here loves Original Poptropica? I do! but Popropica runs on what?

*whispers* Flash Player *round of applause for best boring way to answer a question* so lets do some sad *sniff* research on the Adobe Flash.

It’s an end of an era for Adobe Flash, the software that helped bring online video to the masses in the Internet’s early days but also frustrated people for nearly two decades over its frequent updates and buggy nature.

Adobe Systems said Tuesday that it plans to stop improving and distributing its Flash player by the end of 2020.

The software company’s decision to phase out Flash is noteworthy considering that the software has been synonymous with Adobe (ADBE, +1.46%) since its debut for playing videos and animations in web browsers. As the Internet matured and grew in popularity over the years, so did Flash, which became one of the most widely used ways for people to watch video clips and play online video games.

Boom goes old Poptropica make the moments last so in 2020 I think the blog/all blogs (about Poptropica) will be out of info and will stop existing so on the bright side well let me just show you my brain for a second. No wait never mind but I will explain my brain not show you it

Left Side                                                                                                                              Right Side

On the bright side                                                                                 There is no bright side so…

We still have 3 years                                                                                                    Shut up Lefty.

*Melodramatically sighs* Don’t worry I have to agree with my left side make the 3 years count!

Or senselessly boycott using Flash because *cough*sarcasm*cough* it will change Adobe’s minds about closing Flash down!


Play Poptropica Worlds! Hahaha you guys get to decide whether I’m joking on this or not.


1 Year Blogiversary!

This is a really important post regarding this blog, please read it!

P.S: If you’re looking for Brave Burger’s post, it has been merged with this one. So scroll down!

That moment when you realize that BraveBurger has already posted about this. Well, then…

It’s been 1 YEAR.

One whole year of our existence.

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Happy New Year!

Alright, it’s Brave Burger here and it’s 2018! The first time I’ve said that on this blog! and lets get poppin’!

So… Poptropica so lets rewind and think of all the things that have happened in Poptropica in 2017 (I may miss a lot). Keep in mind that these are my personal opinions. You can comment your list down below!

  • So lets start with 10 years of Poptropica! Yussss we made it this far, people were guessing that it wouldn’t survive another year but the decade it finally done!
  • Next (they are not in order) the Snowball game! Need I say more?
  • Next April fools’ Day! How can I forget that! At school we tried pranking everyone but then April Fools unfortunately landed on a… Saturday. And we spent weeks preparing!
  • Then, the Poppies! The first time that this blog was selected onto the finalists! Well I guess last year well, there wasn’t a Poptastic blog, so we couldn’t enter.
  • Next, the Sp00py contest in which a very close friend of mine came in second after Sporty Boa. Hahaha I got to play the membership islands!
  • Next. the Poptropica costume contest– wait that was 2016…
  • The theater came out! It wasn’t what I expected but, better that nothing, right?
  • Poptropica worlds! Finally!
  • Next, erm, that’s all I can remember so have a great 2018! Image result for 2018

2017: Year of Wins or Losses?

Hi guys, it’s your gal Magic Sinker here! Oh and my New Year’s resolution is to post as often as possible. So… look forward to that, peepletons! Anyway, it’s the last day of 2017, as you all know (well, I’m not sure about all your time zones), so today’s post is about wins and losses in 2017! Let’s pop to it!


  1. Many new Blogs Started: The Poptastic Blog, Sporty Boa’s blog, just a few to name among many others. These small but priceless blogs helped the Poptropica Community grow tremendously. Yay!
  2. Poptropica Worlds aka New Poptropica came out: We waited for about a whole year for this game to come out, and on the fateful day of may 26th, it finally did! This is common knkwledge, but this list would be as good as none if this particular win wasn’t on it.
  3. A year of firsts: the first Unity game, first Poptropica livestream, etc, etc.


    1. Old Poptropica will not be updated again: With the release of Poptropica Worlds, the Creators said that Old Poptropica will not have any more islands added to the database. This saddens me deeply, especially since many Poptropica Worlds islands will just be remodeled old islands. But of course, we have to be optimistic about this point and hope for the best fof Poptropica Worlds.
    2. Many blogs went inactive or closed down completely: I cannot be a hypocrite because at one point this year when my Junior High year started, I too went inactive due to school. So I cannot blame anyone for this, it was their decision. You can research on what blogs went inactive when, because I doubt I have permission to post the names here. But this point can bring up a buttload of controversy, so I won’t go on any further.
    3. Skinny Moon left: This is by far the worst point for me. Skinny Moon was such a good person and a help in times of need! 😭 But it was for the best for Ms. Jessica, she went to pursue her own dream, which I support greatly. Skinny Moon was one of the only Creators that pulled the Community together. I’m not trying to insult the new Creator, don’t take my intentions wrongly. I hope that Skinny Moon does the best of her ability in her new job, and that Poptropica will run seamlessly without her!

    All in all, this year has been a year of both trials and triumphs, but Poptropica is still going strong! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Poptropica next year, 2018! Magic Sinker out for the last time in 2017!


    Feel Free to Unfollow this Blog.

    Hello, peopletons. Yes, I know I haven’t been here for long and I know you think that I’ve quit. But no I haven’t. I was just on leave. So, I don’t blame you for being mad at me. Just get over it sometime, please. Anyway, so what I’m–

    Simba, be QUIET!!!

    Simba: Meowwwww!!😼

    Ugh. What I’m going to do is post once a week on everything that has happened. I think I’ll post on Saturdays, I’m not quite sure yet. This will start on Saturday, the following week. But let me just update you on this week’s news:

    1. The Sp00py Contest Winners came out! Mai friend Shy Axe came second yay!
    2. Coco (that Disney Movie everyone has been talking about) advertisements and followers have started appearing
    3. The Thanksgiving hunt is on!
    4. I can’t think of anything else, lol

    This makes me cringe. But no hate. Please. Bye!

    Hi so Halloween….

    Hi guys, so it’s BraveBurger here! I am going to talk about Halloween in Poptropica! So the PHB is hosting Poptropica’s 9th Sp00py costume contest! Be prepared Poptropicans!

    Image result for snoopy contest poptropica help blog

    I have already commented mine in the comments section, have you? My colleagues on this blog have not yet posted this, but be ready.

    Here is mine, called The Haunted Man, I hope that you enjoy it! LOL.

    Check out The PHB to learn how to enter this contest! Please do not plagiarize their work, it is against the law. Anyway, Magic Sinker is coming at you with some news on Poptropica in general later!

    Bye ! 🙂