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Hello, peopletons. Yes, I know I haven’t been here for long and I know you think that I’ve quit. But no I haven’t. I was just on leave. So, I don’t blame you for being mad at me. Just get over it sometime, please. Anyway, so what I’m–

Simba, be QUIET!!!

Simba: Meowwwww!!😼

Ugh. What I’m going to do is post once a week on everything that has happened. I think I’ll post on Saturdays, I’m not quite sure yet. This will start on Saturday, the following week. But let me just update you on this week’s news:

  1. The Sp00py Contest Winners came out! Mai friend Shy Axe came second yay!
  2. Coco (that Disney Movie everyone has been talking about) advertisements and followers have started appearing
  3. The Thanksgiving hunt is on!
  4. I can’t think of anything else, lol

This makes me cringe. But no hate. Please. Bye!

Hi so Halloween….

hi guys so BraveBurger here! I am going to talk about Halloween in Poptropica! So the PHB is hosting Poptropica’s 9th Sp00py costume contest! Be ready Poptropicans!

Image result for snoopy contest poptropica help blog

I have already commented mine in the comments section, have you? My colleagues on this blog have not yet posted this, but be ready. 

Here is mine, called The Haunted Man, I hope that you enjoy it! LOL.
Check out The PHB to learn how to enter this contest! Please do not plagiarize their work, it is against the law. Anyway, Magic Sinker is coming at you with some news on Poptropica in general later! Bye ! 🙂 

Early Poptropica Vibes

Hi everyone! I know I promised this to you sooner but… I don’t have a time machine or anything so I can’t do anything about it. I’m officially starting the series to celebrate our Poppin’ decade! I love this game do much…

So, Early Poptropica. The first Island of this Magical game! You probably have heard of this island and, if not, you’ve definetly been hiding under a rock. No kidding.
Anyways, this was the Island that first came out when Poptropica was made as add-on to Funbrain. There wasn’t much, except the few buttons in the top right corner such as the map and inventory. But people loved this game so much that ten years later, we are all still enjoyiing the exact same game! We were busy collecting stones while there was a diamond right in front of our noses.


Even until now, Early Poptropica is still a Non-SUI. But we still adore it, because it’s what inspired the Creators to continue producing more and more Islands! The graphics weren’t as good as the currsnt Poptropica or Pop Worlds, but since this was the very first Island of the whole game, I don’t really mind. The Poptropicans were a bit old fashiomed and the game was buggy and a tad bit slow, but meh.
This was also the first Island where we were able to climb up and down (to be fair, it was the first Island altogether), and it had all the controls already!
I remember the giant, gloomy spider clearly. It was scary when I first played the game, tbh. But anyways, seeing that this was the first Island (sorry I keep bringing that up a lot), the characters were way better than I expected. I also love how the people on Main Street change a lot when you reload or refresh the page!

That’s a wrap! Well, technically it’s a blog post but you know what I mean 😂
Stay tuned for the next Island some time in the future (no promises now)

Poptropica’s Belated 10th Anniversary!

Hello! Magic Sinker here. I’m sorry for posting this five days late, I had some difficulties on my other device.

|2007 to 2017… We have turned the BIG 1-0!|

Anyway, Poptropica has turned 10! We are so excited! In honor of this glorious feat, I’m gonna do countdown posts, which will all add up to one continuous long post for y’all to enjoy. I won’t be doing that now, but just look forward to that!

Even though the Creators were later to post than the PHB, they’ve finally done something! First, they have a new short clip of the birthday monkey (pigs, cats, then the monkey? 😂 ) which you can get for free for a limited amount of time, here it is!

I wonder who the Poptropican with the blimp on her shirt is

And hey, isn’t Skinny Moon–my cat just attacked me– supposed to be back in September to celebrate and plan with us? Nevermind that idea.

At the Poptropica HQ, the Creators are partaying to the max!

Don’t worry, I’ll make a post about The End of Time books, too.

I remember the first Welcome to the Creators’ Blog, and the first Island on Poptropica. Where have the years gone, really? Soon we’ll be celebrating Poptropica’s 20th Anniversary (and Worlds’ 10th) in 2027! What if we make it up to fifty?

It’s been a Poptastic decade…

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this post!

~The Poptastic Blog Team

Some Spooky, Spoopy Spoops!

Hey guys, Magic Sinker here! I made something for you guys to enjoy! A Lord of the Rings and Percy Jackson Spoop! (In case you don’t know what that is, check out the We Love Poptropica DeviantArt gallery to find out!) I will also be doing some fan art for this! Check out my dA page to see!

Anyway, here it is!

Order from left to right:

Gandalf: gandalf_mithrandirTPB

Sauron: sauron_gorthaurTPB

Bilbo: bilbo_bagginsTPB

Frodo: frodo_bagginsTPB

Gollum: gollum_smeagolTPB

Galadriel: galadriel_nerwenTPB

Legolas: legolas_greenleaf1TPB (missing from picture)

Aragorn: aragorn_striderTPB (missing from picture)

DM me on Twitter (@LydiaShayna) or on Discord (@Magic Sinker) to find out how I made these costumes!


Is it too Late now to say Sorry?

Hi everyone, Shay here. I just wanted to say sorry for not posting in a long while, I just had my birthday, and school starting, and a social life to take care of. I’ll try to be online more often, but with a higher grade, comes more responibilities, so I doubt I will be able to be online as much.

MS signing out, bai!

Should I Make Walkthroughs?

Hello, peeps! Your girl Magix here! This is a short post asking if I should make walkthroughs for everyone, or if I should just continue Poptropica news and such? I had written a small half-walkthrough just so that you guys could critique it. Here ya go! There were pictures, but I’ll put them out if I actually publish this.

Island Synopsis
Unravel the mysteries that lie in the caves of Crisis Caverns. A deadly supervolcano threatens Poptropica (Worlds) as we know it! To stop it, you must start an adventure taking you deep into the earth and explore areas that have yet to be discovered.

Release Date: 22nd May 2017
Succeeded by: –
Preceeded by: Monkey Wrench Island
Island Number: 1
Walkthrough written by Magic Sinker, photos courtesy of Magic Sinker
Before I start, make sure to check your Quests button to see your progress and check to see what you have have to do next:

First, you will land on the island if you are not yet there already. If you don’t know how to get there, climb the blimp like normally, or press the map button in the top right-hand corner. You are at Calder a State Park!

After you talk to the tour guide, your first item will be a Visitor’s Button! For keeping away bears?

Anyway, enter the Visitors’ Center, the place where you can learn all sorts of things about the park. Also about the mysterious disappearance of Dr. Crispin Vincent!

Climb up to the top floor using the stairs on the right of Dr. Crispin Vincent’s memorial, and talk to Ranger Rick. He is the guy standing next to the ‘Ask me about Elk’ sign, with the bushy moustache.