Well, where do I start? Oh, yes! When I, Magic Sinker had finally joined Discord due to some other awesome sites such as Tall Cactus’ Poptropica Blog, Clawtropica, The PHB, and the PSB. When I finally made my account, I talked to Purple Claw a bit, and on the second of January 2017, the idea of starting a blog was born.

I made poptropicanonpoptropica.wordpress.com, but that name didn’t really have a musical ring to it, and it sounded (to me) like a Poptropican’s son. People of Poptropica Blog also had the Pop Blog domain and site title name taken, and so did the POP blog by Mia and Lilly, so I deleted that blog. Then, on 10th January, I posted the first blog post on the Poptastic Blog!

I made names for all the days of the week, which I bet you’ve already seen, and on 14th January 2017, I posted about having the best Valentine’s Day party. Looking back, I was really bad at posting, and desperate, that I posted about Valentine’ Day a literal month before Valentine’s Day. I kept looking on other, more famous blogs for ideas, and looking at the Creators’ Blog for news, while also advertising the blog on Discord, and Twitter.

I was inactive from 15th January to 9th February, I still have no idea why. That was the time where I refused to continue alone, and had to hire someone. So I got one of my best friends, BraveBurger, to join the blog. Then, Greedy Clown joined after her.

It was April Fools’ Day, the day BraveBurger and I had been preparing for (IRL and on the blog) for two weeks straight. I made an awesome header for the day, and I hope I convinced you guys (other blogs also had wicked cool fools, such as popfeedz.wordpress.com), but meh, the past is the past, YOLO!

I was inactive until, like, the second-to-last day of April. Then, in the first week of May, I had an idea for a new FanFic (The old one was the Adventures of Magic Sinker, man, I was inexperienced), United Force! We got a copyright sometime after that, and nothing fun happened for some time. The leaks started coming out, I start falling asleep, jk. The, the POP blog had an amazing idea for PoptropiCon IRL!

Finally, Worlds came out! I was so excited, but there was a glitch that didn’t let me play Poptropica Worlds online, Firefox or Chrome, and on the phone and tablet, I was bleached. But, I didn’t let this put me down, I kept posting about Poptropica Worlds. Not much happened next, until I was asked to be an author on the Brainy Pop Blog! Thanks to the BPB team for admitting me.

Since then, my Bleachy Boy of a Poptropican has been fixed, and I can’t wait for what the future holds for us as a team! Thank you all for reading this page, and we hope you visit again!

~Gamer Gal aka Magic Sinker