Clue Number 1: The Plot Thickens

We are back today, with a new pair of detectives, Poptropica’s very own Quintessa Kasai and Vampi! They have agreed to help solve the case and avenge Skinny Moon!

Anyway, Crazy Star has reported to us that while she was doing her rounds yesterday on the blog, she found a clue. Crazy Star has refused to reveal the nature of the clue and fled for Mystery Week due to her faint heart. Bless her poor soul.

The note was found somewhere on this blog, how could it have gotten here? Is there any inside help?! If the newspapers knew about this, they would go crazy.

As we find that out, our spies Red Lobster and the PoptastiCat have found out some information regarding why the suspects could have a reason to murder Skinny Moon. Here is the information:

  1. Fierce Flyer: Used to work with Skinny Moon at her restaurant, but was fired mercilessly for a simple transgression that he claimed not to have committed. He got six months in Pelican Rock Island and wanted revenge on Skinny Moon. Spies have not yet found out his whereabouts as of Skinny Moon’s murder.
  2. Lucky Wing: Lucky Wing was Skinny Moon’s best friend. She and Skinny Moon were partners in crime until Skinny Moon accused her of stealing 1,000,000 credits from her bank account to buy illegal substances. Lucky Wing was a scientist at heart, but couldn’t afford chemicals for her lab. Lucky Wing, up to this day, still claims that she did not steal anything, even though she had to endure 3 months at Pelican Rock, where she met Fierce Flyer.
  3. Friendly Fish: In her younger years, Skinny Moon was the star of Ringmaster Raven’s circus, but quickly she became famous and overthrew Ringmaster Raven and kicked him out. Raven trained his assistant, Friendly Fish, in hypnosis in a final attempt to start his circus up again. Friendly Fish swore revenge on Skinny Moon for firing her beloved master. Friendly Fish left Ringmaster Raven, knowing that he was slowly descending into wickedness. Recently, though, Friendly Fish has been seen training with him again, but the night before the murder, Friendly Fish disappeared.
  4. Sporty Boa: When Sporty Boa found out that his long lost friend was stuck on an island, and was being gaurded by a shark, he went with Skinny Moon to save her and when he did, the shark woke up and Skinny Moon did not save him but left him there. The Medicine Man saw him and saved him and Sporty Boa was left in his debt forever. The Medicine Man also hated Skinny Moon because she had stolen some of his medicine and blamed the death of a sick Poptropican because the medicine did not work on him. They both hated her so that is that.
  5. Greedy Clown: Greedy Clown was one of Skinny Moon’s best friends-or so she thought. The pair went on a reunion quest and stumbled upon a Genie Lamp. Since Greedy Clown found it first, she decided to give Skinny Moon two wishes. Skinny Moon’s wishes were for fame in Poptropica, and her second wish remains unknown. She stole Greedy Clown’s first and only wish, cursing Brave Tomato to betray her boss and get fired, for unknown reasons. Greedy Clown loathed Skinny Moon ever since.
  6. Brave Tomato: Skinny Moon was always jealous of Brave Tomato for getting the job at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory instead of her. Brave Tomato and Skinny Moon soon became great rivals. Brave Tomato got jealous and confused when Skinny Moon became famous and powerful. Brave Tomato was already angry and planning to betray Willy Wonka because he was definitely showing more attention to Charlie then her but the thought of betrayal increased when the curse hit her. She stole the chocolate and was fired, became an outcast and blamed Skinny Moon for everything.
  7. Shy Axe: Shy Axe had feelings for Dr. Hare but Skinny Moon stole him away from her and started a non-mutual relationship with Dr. Hare, who at the time was head-over-heels in love with Skinny Moon. Unsurprisingly, Skinny Moon double-crossed him and sent him spiralling into outer space. Shy Axe put in all her credits to build a spaceship to save Dr Hare, and brought him back down to Earth. He “dated” her for months, and then hypnotized her into hating Skinny Moon, even more than she did already.

Crazy Star says that the first clue is hidden somewhere on this blog. The only hint that she decides to give us is this this poem:

If you’re an otter, stay out of the water.

If you’re a sardine, try not to be seen.If you’re a ray, please go away.If you’re a seahorse, hide, of course.From down underneath, a flash of sharp teeth.A gray shape, a swish- goodbye dear fish.

~That is all from your Poptastic detectives, MS and BB.

[Very Late Start] Case Files: Murder Mystery

Hi Poptropicans, Detectives Magic Sinker and Brave Burger here once more to finally kick off the murder mystery fun! Your name might be on here as a suspect, so stay tuned. If not (and even if so), at the end of this mystery week you will be given the chance to send in who you think committed the crime based on the clues! Ugh, too much talk, not enough action. Let’s just get started.

Attention Poptropicans, this is NO joke!

Our beloved Skinny Moon has been murdered and certain Poptropicans have been found near the crime scene and have been rendered suspects! These seven suspects have been brought to court, along with their alibis and some complex clues. They are respectively: Fierce Flyer, Lucky Wing, Sporty Boa, Friendly Fish, Greedy Clown, Brave Tomato and Shy Axe

Here are the suspects’ files:

casefiles1 copy_001

casefiles2 copy_001

casefiles3 copy_001

casefiles4 copy_001

casefiles5 copy_001

casefile6 copy_001

CASEFILES7 copy_001

Forensic scientists say that Skinny Moon was poisoned according to the corpse.

We shall find out the next clue in the next post, stay tuned! Whodunnit?!

~ Detectives Magic Sinker & Brave Burger out!

New Upcoming Island!

Hi guys, Magic Sinker here a with some news for you after scavenging the Poptropica blog, and Twitter. I have come to the conclusion that there will be a new island coming soon. Yes, that is a lot of good thanks for noticing.

Anyway, the Creators have been really silent for what seems like decades, and it’s only natural that they’ve been preparing something big. Now, we’ve all had our suspicions: even at the PHB, we’ve seen theories on which Islands might be coming up next on Poptropica Worlds. So here are some theories.

  1. Time Tangled Island: I think that this might be one of the upcoming island in the near future on Poptropica Worlds because it is a really classic island that isn’t the toughest to complete, but isn’t boring and simple like some others that shall not be named. No offense. I know, I know, this would be a really hard island to remake but one, the Creators are really smart to have even been able to make it a first time and two, it would be very much worth the struggle, we all love classic islands!
  2. Mythology Island: Mythology Island was definitely one of the very best islands I’ve ever played, no joke. It was really challenging, though not nearly as much as Azkaban Pelican Rock, but that island is on a whole other level. I think that this should be done in a way which newcomers would still be able to complete it without a walkthrough, but not just hog through it works as of critical thinking of challenge. What am I saying, let’s move on.
  3. Early Poptropica: Early Poptropica. Should I say more? Early Poptropica just has its own sense of honour being the very first island to come out in the whole of Poptropica, and therefore I believe that the Creators should remake it on Poptropica Worlds. Yes Early Poptropica is one of the easiest islands in the whole game, apart from, of course, Monkey Wrench island, which is common knowledge. Early Poptropica is for newcomers because it also, along with the ease, gives them price for completing an island that was the foundation of the rest of the game.
  4. Shrink Ray Island: Shrink Ray Island, I don’t know about you, was really fun for me to complete, with all those clues to find and minigames to pay. In Poptropica Worlds I am yet to find another minigame apart from the one on Crisis Caverns that was nearly impossible. Enough said, we really need this island.
  5. Spy Island: Spy Island is an adrenaline-pumping, exhilarating and fast-paced island that leaves you breathless, 🎵or with a nasty scar🎵. Spy island is an island that would be easy to replicate but not the exact same as the original, otherwise we world know where to go and become bored really fast. I think that this would be a chance to remake Spy island and make it one of the classics of PopWorlds, because it isn’t really one of the top 5 islands (my opinion) on Poptropica right now.

All that said, I am positive that it’ll be one of these islands coming up next, comment to tell us which one you think will be up next!

~Magic Sinker🎣

1 Year Blogiversary!

This is a really important post regarding this blog, please read it!

P.S: If you’re looking for Brave Burger’s post, it has been merged with this one. So scroll down!

That moment when you realize that BraveBurger has already posted about this. Well, then…

It’s been 1 YEAR.

One whole year of our existence.

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2017: Year of Wins or Losses?

Hi guys, it’s your gal Magic Sinker here! Oh and my New Year’s resolution is to post as often as possible. So… look forward to that, peepletons! Anyway, it’s the last day of 2017, as you all know (well, I’m not sure about all your time zones), so today’s post is about wins and losses in 2017! Let’s pop to it!


  1. Many new Blogs Started: The Poptastic Blog, Sporty Boa’s blog, just a few to name among many others. These small but priceless blogs helped the Poptropica Community grow tremendously. Yay!
  2. Poptropica Worlds aka New Poptropica came out: We waited for about a whole year for this game to come out, and on the fateful day of may 26th, it finally did! This is common knkwledge, but this list would be as good as none if this particular win wasn’t on it.
  3. A year of firsts: the first Unity game, first Poptropica livestream, etc, etc.


    1. Old Poptropica will not be updated again: With the release of Poptropica Worlds, the Creators said that Old Poptropica will not have any more islands added to the database. This saddens me deeply, especially since many Poptropica Worlds islands will just be remodeled old islands. But of course, we have to be optimistic about this point and hope for the best fof Poptropica Worlds.
    2. Many blogs went inactive or closed down completely: I cannot be a hypocrite because at one point this year when my Junior High year started, I too went inactive due to school. So I cannot blame anyone for this, it was their decision. You can research on what blogs went inactive when, because I doubt I have permission to post the names here. But this point can bring up a buttload of controversy, so I won’t go on any further.
    3. Skinny Moon left: This is by far the worst point for me. Skinny Moon was such a good person and a help in times of need! 😭 But it was for the best for Ms. Jessica, she went to pursue her own dream, which I support greatly. Skinny Moon was one of the only Creators that pulled the Community together. I’m not trying to insult the new Creator, don’t take my intentions wrongly. I hope that Skinny Moon does the best of her ability in her new job, and that Poptropica will run seamlessly without her!

    All in all, this year has been a year of both trials and triumphs, but Poptropica is still going strong! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Poptropica next year, 2018! Magic Sinker out for the last time in 2017!


    Feel Free to Unfollow this Blog.

    Hello, peopletons. Yes, I know I haven’t been here for long and I know you think that I’ve quit. But no I haven’t. I was just on leave. So, I don’t blame you for being mad at me. Just get over it sometime, please. Anyway, so what I’m–

    Simba, be QUIET!!!

    Simba: Meowwwww!!😼

    Ugh. What I’m going to do is post once a week on everything that has happened. I think I’ll post on Saturdays, I’m not quite sure yet. This will start on Saturday, the following week. But let me just update you on this week’s news:

    1. The Sp00py Contest Winners came out! Mai friend Shy Axe came second yay!
    2. Coco (that Disney Movie everyone has been talking about) advertisements and followers have started appearing
    3. The Thanksgiving hunt is on!
    4. I can’t think of anything else, lol

    This makes me cringe. But no hate. Please. Bye!

    Early Poptropica Vibes

    Hi everyone! I know I promised this to you sooner but… I don’t have a time machine or anything so I can’t do anything about it. I’m officially starting the series to celebrate our Poppin’ decade! I love this game do much…

    So, Early Poptropica. The first Island of this Magical game! You probably have heard of this island and, if not, you’ve definetly been hiding under a rock. No kidding.
    Anyways, this was the Island that first came out when Poptropica was made as add-on to Funbrain. There wasn’t much, except the few buttons in the top right corner such as the map and inventory. But people loved this game so much that ten years later, we are all still enjoyiing the exact same game! We were busy collecting stones while there was a diamond right in front of our noses.


    Even until now, Early Poptropica is still a Non-SUI. But we still adore it, because it’s what inspired the Creators to continue producing more and more Islands! The graphics weren’t as good as the currsnt Poptropica or Pop Worlds, but since this was the very first Island of the whole game, I don’t really mind. The Poptropicans were a bit old fashiomed and the game was buggy and a tad bit slow, but meh.
    This was also the first Island where we were able to climb up and down (to be fair, it was the first Island altogether), and it had all the controls already!
    I remember the giant, gloomy spider clearly. It was scary when I first played the game, tbh. But anyways, seeing that this was the first Island (sorry I keep bringing that up a lot), the characters were way better than I expected. I also love how the people on Main Street change a lot when you reload or refresh the page!

    That’s a wrap! Well, technically it’s a blog post but you know what I mean 😂
    Stay tuned for the next Island some time in the future (no promises now)

    Poptropica’s Belated 10th Anniversary!

    Hello! Magic Sinker here. I’m sorry for posting this five days late, I had some difficulties on my other device.

    |2007 to 2017… We have turned the BIG 1-0!|

    Anyway, Poptropica has turned 10! We are so excited! In honor of this glorious feat, I’m gonna do countdown posts, which will all add up to one continuous long post for y’all to enjoy. I won’t be doing that now, but just look forward to that!

    Even though the Creators were later to post than the PHB, they’ve finally done something! First, they have a new short clip of the birthday monkey (pigs, cats, then the monkey? 😂 ) which you can get for free for a limited amount of time, here it is!

    I wonder who the Poptropican with the blimp on her shirt is

    And hey, isn’t Skinny Moon–my cat just attacked me– supposed to be back in September to celebrate and plan with us? Nevermind that idea.

    At the Poptropica HQ, the Creators are partaying to the max!

    Don’t worry, I’ll make a post about The End of Time books, too.

    I remember the first Welcome to the Creators’ Blog, and the first Island on Poptropica. Where have the years gone, really? Soon we’ll be celebrating Poptropica’s 20th Anniversary (and Worlds’ 10th) in 2027! What if we make it up to fifty?

    It’s been a Poptastic decade…

    We hope that you’ve enjoyed this post!

    ~The Poptastic Blog Team