Hi so Halloween….

hi guys so BraveBurger here! I am going to talk about Halloween in Poptropica! So the PHB is hosting Poptropica’s 9th Sp00py costume contest! Be ready Poptropicans!

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I have already commented mine in the comments section, have you? My colleagues on this blog have not yet posted this, but be ready. 

Here is mine, called The Haunted Man, I hope that you enjoy it! LOL.
Check out The PHB to learn how to enter this contest! Please do not plagiarize their work, it is against the law. Anyway, Magic Sinker is coming at you with some news on Poptropica in general later! Bye ! ūüôā 

I’m Back!

Hi this is BraveBurger! Wow, I have not been posting for a while please my apologies but I was away! So I have no clue what is going on in Poptropica or in reality so please I don’t care if you boo me its fine but right now I am completely clueless!

Boo me if you like (I don’t really care). Anyway, so about Poptropica… I have heard that Magic Sinker got a better look now and that the glitch is over and ya if you already know this then boo me (again)! I have nothing much more to say except bye, I hope to be posting more often.

P.S: Sorry for the short post!

Mystery Mondays!

Hi Brave Burger here and so ¬†want to talk about (yes, this post was ¬†a long time ago but….) fierce flyer’s post on nature rules! ¬†It’s true yes I am kind of a nature nerd but still!!


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especially the elf queen of twisted thicket must agree.

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Nature RULES!!!! braveburger out!!




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Fantastic Fun Fridays…

Listen up peeps this is braveburger but…. here to warn you COPYRIGHT!!

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This blog is under copyright by the Federal Bureau of International-Poptropica. Please do not plagiarize our work. Or we will sue/fine you for 250,000 credits.

In partnership with the PBN, Massive Seagull’s Poptropica Blog, and The Poptanium Blog.


Wonderful Wacky Wednesdays!

Hello people BraveBurger here! so first of all I want to thank Magic Sinker for everything she has done to edit the blog in every way possible! And by the way that header is killer!! so on with the stuff about poptropica! My friend shy axe has made a blog called The Poptanium Blog (the POP blog) so please check in on that and please take note that she has never made a blog before sooooo ya (she is my younger sister)! just to let you know I am obsessed with cats so I am in love with Crazy Cheetah aka Mr. Peebles the PoptastiCat! now I am not in touch with Magic Sinker at the moment so I can’t place more of the story (sorry.)

Please keep a look out for the New Diary of a Wimpy Kid the Getaway!


Hello Earthlings!

Hello people and hello poptropica so sorry I have not been able to post yesterday and I apologize it was the internet. This post shall be very short please forgive me again but I got 4 hours of sleep ¬†last night and I am out of this world so today…..Blah Blah Blah…usernames…..Blah…..Boring Stuff…..Blah. Ok if you didn’t get that sorry but please just send in your username and ya bye!

Hi Again!!

Hi this is braveburger again covering for you shayshaygamer! Like I said before about the shoes well coming soon with even more exciting is new updated shoes for example:

Bunny slippers!!!

High heels

and last but not least running shoes!!

Before I log off I need to tell you that if you see these:

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please report it to the poptropica owners. They accidentally lost them and they were the first actual Customizable shoes so if you see them please report to the poptropica website or blog by Jeff kinney. РBye : )