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Hey guys! This is Magic Sinker, the current administrator of The Poptastic Blog! We are an official Poptropica Fan Blog that has been running for 1 year, and post quality news we can find about Poptropica, the newly released Poptropica Worlds, and our own original reviews, series and FanFictions. Our Current authors are Magic Sinker (Me),  Brave Burger, and Greedy Clown. We’ve had one past author, who we strongly appreciate for being a part of our team for the short time she was with us, Sneaky Lightning. Meet the Team!

Magic Sinker


Magic Sinker is the current founder and administrator of this blog! She is also the administrator of Magical Moments of Me, and is an author on the Brainy Pop Blog, run by Cuddly Brain. Magic Sinker is the ultimate Poptropica Fan, and has been playing since early 2013. Fun fact: this blog was nominated for the Popscars in Spring 2017, and the Poppies in Summer 2017!



Brave Burger


Brave Burger was/is the second author admitted on The Poptastic Blog. Her very close friend (Shy Axe) also started a blog, where she is an author. Brave Burger has been playing Poptropica since late 2016, and has been loving it ever since! Brave Burger’s other accounts include Red Fox and Wild Turtle, to name a few. She hopes to take part in this blog for a very long time to come!



Greedy Clown


Greedy Clown is no longtime Poptropica player. She has been playing since November or December 2016, and is constantly on-and-off. Greedy Clown doesn’t post as much these days, but is rendered a Poptropica and blogging lover at heart.




Crazy Cheetah the PoptastiCat


This cat has just joined our team in May 2017. He has empowering words to look at in the sidebar, which are updated weekly. He is the mascot for this blog!





Red Lobster


Red Lobster was the old Mascot for our blog, but now he serves his part as the blog robot, who gives news out in the sidebar.






**P.S: These pictures are outdated, and therefore you’ll have to go to the Avatar Studio to get the current pictures. Sorry for any inconveniences caused.

**P.P.S: Crazy Star’s bio will be coming soon.

Thanks for visiting our blog! We hope you visit us again soon!

~The Poptastic Blog Team