Hello Downcast’s!

So I am putting the mystery stuff behind me now and so hi I have been absent for a long time (I was living in the car for 10 days practically) and I was travelling a whole lot! So no offence poptropica but really they should still be doing stuff on the old poptropica because really they created it and should spend the last years with it and making it fun like….well this is in my case: No more membership island stuff because it’s really unfair to non membership people who want to do those islands!

Also if you were wondering why I have called off the mystery thingy.. It’s because of you sour downcasts -no more likes

– no more comments

-no more following

I hope your happy but I must speak my mind please do forgive me I am long overdue and right now I think all blogs are overrated except for all poptropica ones ; D so have a nice day and enjoy life in old poptropica while it lasts!!