Help Brave Burger!!

Help brave burger she has been kidnapped and is in pain because sources of black mail say that the kidnapper has taken out 4 of her teeth!!!! help and find her and I think she has a message for us!! also we have found another clue since brave burger has disappeared the note says:

Above the earth

Precipitation falls


I will get wet and


figure out where she is and you will solve one of our mysteries and boom just one more to go and I know that sporty boa will not be eager to find brave burger oh yes he may even try to stop you now on to our evidence of the MURDER MYSTERY!!! (this may or may not be the finally)

We….well now I have just recovered skinny moons 3rd and last wish from the genie that was that Shy Axe would get blamed for something that she never did because of Shy Axe saving doctor hare skinny moon was blamed for not finishing doctor hare off and Shy Axe has never been blamed for anything which means that we have now discovered who the real culpret is!!….Sporty Boa!

“STOP!!!!” *this is sporty boa FYI*

Image result for poptropica arrest wait who are those people??? oh ya we are disguised duh!!!

AHHHHH…..! and he vanishes!!!


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