Hello and welcome back to nearly the end of this mystery (Sporty Boa should be happy)

hello and now we shall not waist time because I have an announcement to make the news has just posted that Sporty Boa has gone missing I repeat he is missing and that is the announcement and let me be the first to say that this is a little suspicious because he was sweating pools of sweat when I said that the photo looked photo shopped and also when we looked closer then we managed to pull off the  stickers  and this is what we found:

Image result for poptropica photobooth stuff with skinny moon Now this was shocking and gross because those girls are the ones he wanted to rescue and when he was stranded on that island with. The girl though if you look closely resembles Skinny Moon!!! and that means that the picture is a fraud!! and also Greedy clown wasn’t ‘sulking’ because at that time then she was actually running around looking for a genie and was trying out new lamps in a market  Image result for arabian nights lamps poptropica So Greedy Clown is off our list of suspects so now let us ARGHHH!!!………………..

Hello this is Magic Sinker, Brave Burger  has just been kidnapped by someone and Sporty Boa is back and sulking in his place so who could have kidnapped her?? So I shall be doing the interview:

Shy Axe : MS: Shy Axe are you still hypnotised?

SA: Carrots ..carrots I am not permitted to tell you that

MS: so you still are?

SA:CARROTS!!!!! leave me alone?

MS: do you hate skinny moon so much that you would kill her

SA: I hate her but not that much and me and doctor hare are to busy to kill…..yet

MS: Okay…so what are you and doctor hare’s plan?

SA: I will never tell you

*the plans slip out of her pocket*

MS: the plan says :Image result for revenge of doctor hare poptropica MS:AHHHHH what a shocker at that and well that is all we have time for so get your detective supply out because you shall need it and look through our posts to find brave burger because she may be there!!

detective magic sinker out!!

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