Hello and welcome back to this blog and such and now I have no excuse to not post because school finished yesterday so now I am in trouble!! but hey here we are and the crime scene with Sporty Boa in chains and Magic Sinker looking very annoyed glares at him and the interview commences:

Sporty Boa: MS: Sporty Boa you went to a ‘shop’ to get ‘flavouring’ for a drink but you were also spotted at the SAME time in shark tooth island buying a drink from the medicine man!! And not only when we investigated the clue there was coconut milk and  the drink that was served to Skinny Moon was coconut milk or Flavouring!!  

SB: Yep you have pretty much listed it out so I’m the culpret take me away *yawn*

MS:Really you just owned up like that!!

SB: Not exactly the truth is I just want this investigation to end because I am starting to feel guilty for nothing and also if I was at the island then you would have seen a picture of me 2 hours later on my blog still at shark tooth island!

Image result for sporty boa poptropica  you see that is me when I heard the news

MS: very confusing but um that picture looks very artificial and fake….hmmmm??

SB: No No No No No Nooooo It’s not fake at all I told you NOT FAKE!!

MS: Hmmmmmmmm…………….very suspicious but that’s all the time we have today so see you tomorrow with an interview with shy axe!!

Image result for thats all folks gif

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