Post Late Much?? Forgiveness??

Hello and ouch that is the punch that I am preparing for because we have not posted in like 2 months so let me give as many excuses as possible and then get back to the chase if you are willing: We had exams,My….dog Jack died(moment of silence please),Got really distracted etc….

Poison now we may have forgotten to even put the clue on the blog so apologies…and also let me just tell you it,it’s quicksilver and poison and if have found the first clue if you look really close then you can see the words quicksilver written there in silver *DUH!!* and guess who was near the quicksilver in Arabian Nights!! Greedy Clown! but also there was coconut milk and carrot shavings on that little slip so now we have 3 main suspects and it is time to interview!!

Greedy Clown: BB (brave burger): were you or were you not gone when skinny Moon was murdered but there afterwards?

GC (greedy clown): yes I was but I was trading in Arabia

BB: Arabia that is 2,675 km away from the crime scene and came back a few minuets later?

GC: Alright I lied I was just sulking away from everyone else as I heard a scream and I ran and to my surprise skinny moon was dead but hey I’m not complaining ! Good Riddance!

BB: O..K..A..Y so that raps that interview up tomorrow MS (magic sinker) interviews Sporty Boa see you then and please forgive me!!


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