Clue #2 : Poison

Hello again, fellow detectives and suspects. Magic Sinker and Brave Burger reporting, for the second clue. Have you found the first one yet?

Our scientists have identified of of the main ingredients in the poison! It found on clue number one but we have found traces of it on one of our old Poptropica posts!

Before you go look for it, here is the hint that an anonymous source left:

I was to be killed by you but you gave me grace,

I was late but not given the death sentence?

Find it on one of our old posts about mid last year. Currently, Shy Axe is the only one who has found the first clue. On the next clue we will tell you where it is, if you guys still have failed to find it.

On a separate note, we are starting our Earth Day🌍🌎🌏 series, ending on Sunday, 22nd April which is Earth Day! Stay tuned for more regarding Mystery Week and Earth Day Week! Don’t be an energy hog!

~Your folks at The Poptastic Blog

5 thoughts on “Clue #2 : Poison

  1. Vampi and Co. says:

    Looks like Detectives Kasai and Step have hit a roadblock. (And by that we mean Vampi’s school, for some reason, blocks this blog.) However, when we get over it, we’ll put our thoughts down.


  2. BraveBurger says:

    hello sorry we are so late but we had exams and are still recovering from shock! Exams are awful only a few people may know but my life up to this point is terrible ( mt dog died ) : (


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