[Very Late Start] Case Files: Murder Mystery

Hi Poptropicans, Detectives Magic Sinker and Brave Burger here once more to finally kick off the murder mystery fun! Your name might be on here as a suspect, so stay tuned. If not (and even if so), at the end of this mystery week you will be given the chance to send in who you think committed the crime based on the clues! Ugh, too much talk, not enough action. Let’s just get started.

Attention Poptropicans,Β this is NO joke!

Our beloved Skinny Moon has been murdered and certain Poptropicans have been found near the crime scene and have been rendered suspects! These seven suspects have been brought to court, along with their alibis and some complex clues. They are respectively: Fierce Flyer, Lucky Wing, Sporty Boa, Friendly Fish, Greedy Clown, Brave Tomato and Shy Axe.Β 

Here are the suspects’ files:

casefiles1 copy_001

casefiles2 copy_001

casefiles3 copy_001

casefiles4 copy_001

casefiles5 copy_001

casefile6 copy_001

CASEFILES7 copy_001

Forensic scientists say that Skinny Moon was poisoned according to the corpse.

We shall find out the next clue in the next post, stay tuned! Whodunnit?!

~ Detectives Magic Sinker & Brave Burger out!

13 thoughts on “[Very Late Start] Case Files: Murder Mystery

    • Vampi and Co. says:

      To start off, we listed down every noteworthy fact about the victims and the evidence.

      We’ve decided to rule out Friendly Fish as a suspect, seeing as she would not have any connection to poisons.
      Lucky Wing could potentially be taken off, seeing as just because she was making a cocktail on TOP of the poison does not mean the the cocktail contained it.
      Shy Axe can potentially be taken off because Dr. Hare isn’t connected to the case.
      Greedy Clown can potentially be taken off, since even though she’s known to associate with Scheherazade and any other genies, that does not mean they have any connection to the case

      That leaves these suspects:
      FF – due to tampering with golden apple
      LW – just in case
      SB – due to the potion, which may or may not contain poison
      GC – just in case
      BT – due to the chocolate dessert and carrying the unidentified Willy Wonka chocolate
      SA – just in case

      This has been Detective Quintessa Kasai and Detective Vampi Step reporting.


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