New Schedule and *Kinda* New Island!

Hey guys! It’s Magic Sinker here! I know you all are tired of hearing my apologies just to go back into a period of recession, so I’ve decided to change things up a bit.

First things first, let me clear the air a little bit, so that you have an idea of why I haven’t been active for quite a while. I know, I know; these are all excuses and shouldn’t be justified, but hear me out. I’ve had tons of homework and if anyone actually knows me well, they’d know I am a “perfectionist” of sorts and absolutely love to be meticulous about all my assignments. Ask any one of the authors on this blog, you’ll see what I mean.

Secondly, end-of-year exams are coming up really soon, and I need to study hard for good grades, and all of you probably know what that means, I’m not the only one who has exams. And I’m not even in the higher classes yet!

Third-well- I’ve been planning this for months now- but I won’t reveal this yet. Yes, part of it is for the blog, but for the most part, it’s in real life. Just hold tight and wait for me to tell you what I’ve been working on!

Anyway, now that that’s over with, let’s get started on what I really wanted to say.

The Schedule will change.

(Dun Dun Duuuuuun… no? Okay)

Yes, I am aware that there has been some major foreboding and all this is anticlimax, but it might as well be said. There will be no set schedule. I won’t have a specific day to post (Ha, what am I saying, as if I ever had a specific say to post), but instead we will post randomly.

After all, this blog is purely for fun, and therefore it should not become a chore for me or any other of the authors on the blog. Heck, one of them hasn’t even posted yet! Which reminds me, I have to go post on The Brainy Pop Blog! Ugh, I’m spiraling off topic. Back to my “fun” point, I merely cannot have the pressure of having to post daily. We all have lives apart from the Poptropica world! (sorry to break it to you)

Okay, onto the next point. I realize I’m late, please don’t rant! There is a new Island! The Creators have been dropping hints before this Island on Poptropica Worlds and it has *finally* been released to members and non-members alike.

I’ll do another post more in-depth about this sometime in the future, as the main point of this post was to inform you guys about the schedule change.

Sorry for any inconveniences,

~Magic Sinker!

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