A Change and Beginning!

Hello peeps, Brave Burger here and, well, I can’t wait for the post soon because well it is awesome!

Lucky Wing may have her hands full for a while *bwahahaha* if you know what I mean… Anyway after that week of excitement I have a new awesome adventure! So for the new month *cough cough* well not exactly new month, but the next few weeks shall be crazy and cool with new beginnings and changes!

Also on April 22nd we have a very exciting surprise to celebrate our Earth that our Lord and Father has created! Oh Magic Sinker will kill me I’ve said too much…

Also speaking of beginnings my friend Shy Axe has a new blog, here is the link!

Please check that out! And lets get popping tomorrow! At Mystery Week, starting with our infamous Mystery Mondays!

Image result for pop the word transparent



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