Happy Easter Poptropica!

Hello BraveBurger here, and I have come to apologise by saying I am sorry!

Me and my colleague Magic Sinker umm… slightly… *cough cough* forgot about doing anything for April Fools. But at least we remembered Easter! I mean… Who forgets that? *sweats profusely*

Heh, sorry, but we have an awesome competition coming up and next week is a very mysterious week *bwahahaha* Okay this competition may have a prize *cough cough classified* but the competition is dress like an Easter Egg!

To see who is the most colourful,hard,realistic and cool Easter Egg on Poptropica! Just submit your link in the comments and we shall see who wins by April 30th! My costume is terrible and I can’t even submit so that is good and a win for me! Wait not win sorry I don’t mean like as in I shall win but…just nevermind!

Thank you for reading this post and also thank you for submitting your photos! Brave Burger bids you goodbye!

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