Pop-Gum Awaits!

Hi people, BraveBurger here *finally* bringing you some news! Have you heard of the new PopGum?

Image result for poptropica popgum

Okay, people you can slap me right through the computer because I was meant to post this 3 days ago but as you can see that failed!

I am so lucky (joke I am very unlucky! Ask Magic Sinker, she thinks that everything I touch breaks!)

Anyway Poptropica is actually updating! now yes stick your hands up to your face and go WHAT!

Image result for home alone

[EDIT: This text is no longer red, carry on]

Yes folks wait why is it red argh why is the text red I told you I am unlucky! This is impossible; no matter how many four leaf clovers I find,I am still jinxed so I bid you goodbye while I try to figure out why this darn text is red! See Ya!

Stop being red! Wait NOW it isn’t red argh!

P.S: Today is just NOT my day *shakes head, sighs and runs into door* see what I mean?

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