Daylight Saving Time!

I am so sorry! We have not posted in ages absolute eons!

Scratch that, we haven’t posted in a giga annum. This is literally not funny.

First of all happy Daylight Saving Time (Sorry to you people in America who have to wake up early)

Image result for poptropica aztec sun stone Image result for teen titans go daylight saving time episode

Super sorry so anyway ugh I hate getting excited, it’s where life fails me:

I saw a post by Skinny Moon and got my hopes up until I saw the date January 23rd……..2017 : (

*Sigh* life is full of….. well life. Poptropica I think has no new updates that I can remember so sorry but I just had to post because it has been ages!

See ya next post… whenever it will be.

P.S: We have a surprise for you next post that we’ve actually figured out!

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