New Upcoming Island!

Hi guys, Magic Sinker here a with some news for you after scavenging the Poptropica blog, and Twitter. I have come to the conclusion that there will be a new island coming soon. Yes, that is a lot of good thanks for noticing.

Anyway, the Creators have been really silent for what seems like decades, and it’s only natural that they’ve been preparing something big. Now, we’ve all had our suspicions: even at the PHB, we’ve seen theories on which Islands might be coming up next on Poptropica Worlds. So here are some theories.

  1. Time Tangled Island: I think that this might be one of the upcoming island in the near future on Poptropica Worlds because it is a really classic island that isn’t the toughest to complete, but isn’t boring and simple like some others that shall not be named. No offense. I know, I know, this would be a really hard island to remake but one, the Creators are really smart to have even been able to make it a first time and two, it would be very much worth the struggle, we all love classic islands!
  2. Mythology Island: Mythology Island was definitely one of the very best islands I’ve ever played, no joke. It was really challenging, though not nearly as much as Azkaban Pelican Rock, but that island is on a whole other level. I think that this should be done in a way which newcomers would still be able to complete it without a walkthrough, but not just hog through it works as of critical thinking of challenge. What am I saying, let’s move on.
  3. Early Poptropica: Early Poptropica. Should I say more? Early Poptropica just has its own sense of honour being the very first island to come out in the whole of Poptropica, and therefore I believe that the Creators should remake it on Poptropica Worlds. Yes Early Poptropica is one of the easiest islands in the whole game, apart from, of course, Monkey Wrench island, which is common knowledge. Early Poptropica is for newcomers because it also, along with the ease, gives them price for completing an island that was the foundation of the rest of the game.
  4. Shrink Ray Island: Shrink Ray Island, I don’t know about you, was really fun for me to complete, with all those clues to find and minigames to pay. In Poptropica Worlds I am yet to find another minigame apart from the one on Crisis Caverns that was nearly impossible. Enough said, we really need this island.
  5. Spy Island: Spy Island is an adrenaline-pumping, exhilarating and fast-paced island that leaves you breathless, 🎵or with a nasty scar🎵. Spy island is an island that would be easy to replicate but not the exact same as the original, otherwise we world know where to go and become bored really fast. I think that this would be a chance to remake Spy island and make it one of the classics of PopWorlds, because it isn’t really one of the top 5 islands (my opinion) on Poptropica right now.

All that said, I am positive that it’ll be one of these islands coming up next, comment to tell us which one you think will be up next!

~Magic Sinker🎣

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