Flash. Is. Closing. I. Am. Late.

**EDIT: Hahaha yes Magic Sinker I realize I’m late with this but it just had to be posted. Anyway, carry on!

Before I start ranting about all this, I have a question for all of you. Who here loves Original Poptropica? I do! but Popropica runs on what?

*whispers* Flash Player *round of applause for best boring way to answer a question* so lets do some sad *sniff* research on the Adobe Flash.

It’s an end of an era for Adobe Flash, the software that helped bring online video to the masses in the Internet’s early days but also frustrated people for nearly two decades over its frequent updates and buggy nature.

Adobe Systems said Tuesday that it plans to stop improving and distributing its Flash player by the end of 2020.

The software company’s decision to phase out Flash is noteworthy considering that the software has been synonymous with Adobe (ADBE, +1.46%) since its debut for playing videos and animations in web browsers. As the Internet matured and grew in popularity over the years, so did Flash, which became one of the most widely used ways for people to watch video clips and play online video games.

Boom goes old Poptropica make the moments last so in 2020 I think the blog/all blogs (about Poptropica) will be out of info and will stop existing so on the bright side well let me just show you my brain for a second. No wait never mind but I will explain my brain not show you it

Left Side                                                                                                                              Right Side

On the bright side                                                                                 There is no bright side so…

We still have 3 years                                                                                                    Shut up Lefty.

*Melodramatically sighs* Don’t worry I have to agree with my left side make the 3 years count!

Or senselessly boycott using Flash because *cough*sarcasm*cough* it will change Adobe’s minds about closing Flash down!


Play Poptropica Worlds! Hahaha you guys get to decide whether I’m joking on this or not.


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