1 Year Blogiversary!

This is a really important post regarding this blog, please read it!

P.S: If you’re looking for Brave Burger’s post, it has been merged with this one. So scroll down!

That moment when you realize that BraveBurger has already posted about this. Well, then…

It’s been 1 YEAR.

One whole year of our existence.

First off, we want to thank all of you for our very existence… this sounds very cliché, but seriously, take a minute to think about it.

In about mid-August, you guys were asked if this blog should be continued, and we were giving up on this blog because school was about to start, along with all the schoolwork, resulting in inactivity. But lovely ol’ BraveBurger stepped in and made me have the willpower to continue this blog. Not only that, but you guys also empowered us to keep going (and going, and going… what am I saying) So thank you, to the readers, the likers, the authors, to everyone.

This’ll probably be updated, but right now, um, there’s nothin’ much to say… We probably won’t have a party but we’ll contact y’all if the situation has been changed.

~The Poptastic Authors!

Brave Burger

Get ready to partaaay (not literally) it’s our anniversary! One year ago this blog started and I am so proud of you people for making this blog successful!

We now have 2670 hits at last count, and I am just beaming with pride. Not to be cocky but… we did get V.I.P services (wait, what?) so yay! And, we were nominated for part of the Poppies so another victory!

I must be honest, when this blog first started I wasn’t super excited and more or less I didn’t really post a lot but now heck, I just love this blog! Also, when I really got into posting, I confess I sneaked away from lunch recess with Magic Sinker and Greedy Clown to post and play Poptropica and no I am not in a the school Computer Lab now secretly posting at all *wink wink*… Just joking those were the good ol’ days where I thought rules were made for breaking. So, no. I don’t do that now (mainly because our headmistress caught us and we got in trouble) aka it was “illegal”.

Now if I travel back in time to 6th Grade (the good ol’ days), then it was all about the movie theater etc., but now we mainly talk about Poptropica Worlds. I must say our blog has improved like a lot.

Life though sadly will not get easier for any of us in real life, we’re nearly in highschool. Aah hundreds of study hours… I’ll start ranting so let’s change the subject. Truthfully speaking, Poptropica Life hopefully will improve (I am speaking of glitches *cough* and well other things but we all love the game itself, right?) So this post is super long but who can blame me its our year! 2018 Happy anniversary to The Poptastic Blog!


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