2017: Year of Wins or Losses?

Hi guys, it’s your gal Magic Sinker here! Oh and my New Year’s resolution is to post as often as possible. So… look forward to that, peepletons! Anyway, it’s the last day of 2017, as you all know (well, I’m not sure about all your time zones), so today’s post is about wins and losses in 2017! Let’s pop to it!


  1. Many new Blogs Started: The Poptastic Blog, Sporty Boa’s blog, just a few to name among many others. These small but priceless blogs helped the Poptropica Community grow tremendously. Yay!
  2. Poptropica Worlds aka New Poptropica came out: We waited for about a whole year for this game to come out, and on the fateful day of may 26th, it finally did! This is common knkwledge, but this list would be as good as none if this particular win wasn’t on it.
  3. A year of firsts: the first Unity game, first Poptropica livestream, etc, etc.


    1. Old Poptropica will not be updated again: With the release of Poptropica Worlds, the Creators said that Old Poptropica will not have any more islands added to the database. This saddens me deeply, especially since many Poptropica Worlds islands will just be remodeled old islands. But of course, we have to be optimistic about this point and hope for the best fof Poptropica Worlds.
    2. Many blogs went inactive or closed down completely: I cannot be a hypocrite because at one point this year when my Junior High year started, I too went inactive due to school. So I cannot blame anyone for this, it was their decision. You can research on what blogs went inactive when, because I doubt I have permission to post the names here. But this point can bring up a buttload of controversy, so I won’t go on any further.
    3. Skinny Moon left: This is by far the worst point for me. Skinny Moon was such a good person and a help in times of need! 😭 But it was for the best for Ms. Jessica, she went to pursue her own dream, which I support greatly. Skinny Moon was one of the only Creators that pulled the Community together. I’m not trying to insult the new Creator, don’t take my intentions wrongly. I hope that Skinny Moon does the best of her ability in her new job, and that Poptropica will run seamlessly without her!

    All in all, this year has been a year of both trials and triumphs, but Poptropica is still going strong! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Poptropica next year, 2018! Magic Sinker out for the last time in 2017!


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