Merry Christmas My Peeps

**Edit: there is a post on Boxing Day over here!

Hi guys, it’s Brave Burger with a side-order of fries here! Anyways, what was I getting to…

Happy Holidays everyone! Argh, yikes only 8 days until school! But on the bright side, no homework’s due, that’s the only thing keeping me going!

So everyone how is Poptropica life, I miss it because I have not been on it recently but… the point of this post is to wish y’all a merry Christmas! So I know not everyone agrees with what I’m gonna to talk about, but bear with me, and if you know you don’t want to hear it, no one’s stopping you to turn away right now…

Okay that was your warning. Here we go! We shouldn’t just be saying merry Christmas to each other only, but to Jesus who was not recently born but was lying in a manger about 2017 years ago just to save us all from sin.

Think about it imagine an eagle, all powerful trading his everything and become a mangy rat that is gross and disrespected. That is what Jesus did for us; traded being a powerful being in heaven to become a helpless baby just for you and me! How awesome is the greatest gift to all of mankind?

So anyway, yeah, enjoy your gifts on Christmas Eve, Christmas, Boxing Day, Hanukkah– whenever you unwrap your gifts– and have a great day and week! Merry Christmas!

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