Early Poptropica Vibes

Hi everyone! I know I promised this to you sooner but… I don’t have a time machine or anything so I can’t do anything about it. I’m officially starting the series to celebrate our Poppin’ decade! I love this game do much…

So, Early Poptropica. The first Island of this Magical game! You probably have heard of this island and, if not, you’ve definetly been hiding under a rock. No kidding.
Anyways, this was the Island that first came out when Poptropica was made as add-on to Funbrain. There wasn’t much, except the few buttons in the top right corner such as the map and inventory. But people loved this game so much that ten years later, we are all still enjoyiing the exact same game! We were busy collecting stones while there was a diamond right in front of our noses.


Even until now, Early Poptropica is still a Non-SUI. But we still adore it, because it’s what inspired the Creators to continue producing more and more Islands! The graphics weren’t as good as the currsnt Poptropica or Pop Worlds, but since this was the very first Island of the whole game, I don’t really mind. The Poptropicans were a bit old fashiomed and the game was buggy and a tad bit slow, but meh.
This was also the first Island where we were able to climb up and down (to be fair, it was the first Island altogether), and it had all the controls already!
I remember the giant, gloomy spider clearly. It was scary when I first played the game, tbh. But anyways, seeing that this was the first Island (sorry I keep bringing that up a lot), the characters were way better than I expected. I also love how the people on Main Street change a lot when you reload or refresh the page!

That’s a wrap! Well, technically it’s a blog post but you know what I mean 😂
Stay tuned for the next Island some time in the future (no promises now)

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