Poptropica’s Belated 10th Anniversary!

Hello! Magic Sinker here. I’m sorry for posting this five days late, I had some difficulties on my other device.

|2007 to 2017… We have turned the BIG 1-0!|

Anyway, Poptropica has turned 10! We are so excited! In honor of this glorious feat, I’m gonna do countdown posts, which will all add up to one continuous long post for y’all to enjoy. I won’t be doing that now, but just look forward to that!

Even though the Creators were later to post than the PHB, they’ve finally done something! First, they have a new short clip of the birthday monkey (pigs, cats, then the monkey? 😂 ) which you can get for free for a limited amount of time, here it is!

I wonder who the Poptropican with the blimp on her shirt is

And hey, isn’t Skinny Moon–my cat just attacked me– supposed to be back in September to celebrate and plan with us? Nevermind that idea.

At the Poptropica HQ, the Creators are partaying to the max!

Don’t worry, I’ll make a post about The End of Time books, too.

I remember the first Welcome to the Creators’ Blog, and the first Island on Poptropica. Where have the years gone, really? Soon we’ll be celebrating Poptropica’s 20th Anniversary (and Worlds’ 10th) in 2027! What if we make it up to fifty?

It’s been a Poptastic decade…

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this post!

~The Poptastic Blog Team

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