Some Spooky, Spoopy Spoops!

Hey guys, Magic Sinker here! I made something for you guys to enjoy! A Lord of the Rings and Percy Jackson Spoop! (In case you don’t know what that is, check out the We Love Poptropica DeviantArt gallery to find out!) I will also be doing some fan art for this! Check out my dA page to see!

Anyway, here it is!

Order from left to right:

Gandalf: gandalf_mithrandirTPB

Sauron: sauron_gorthaurTPB

Bilbo: bilbo_bagginsTPB

Frodo: frodo_bagginsTPB

Gollum: gollum_smeagolTPB

Galadriel: galadriel_nerwenTPB

Legolas: legolas_greenleaf1TPB (missing from picture)

Aragorn: aragorn_striderTPB (missing from picture)

DM me on Twitter (@LydiaShayna) or on Discord (@Magic Sinker) to find out how I made these costumes!


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