News about United Force!

To do List

  1. Conquer the World
  2. Conquer Poptropica

Uh, um, never mind that *nervous laugh*

Well, hey guys, and if you read the title, and thought United Force was being thrown down the drain, then *sigh*,

You are wrong! United Force is being resumed!

After an unscheduled break from writing I took, we are up and ready! So look out for the new and improved (and continued) United Force!

If fact, here is a sneak-peek of what to come!

They were face to face with death. But death didn’t know what was coming. The orbs, they were a part of them. Separated, they were powerless. But together, they could overcome all. “You will no longer defeat us. We are United Force.” They said together “Believe what you want to believe,” snarled Zeus, “but we outnumber you. There is not even a slight chance that you could even touch us.” And with that, the war between good and evil began.

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