Shark Week!


Hi guys, the inactive Magic Sinker is here! Sorry about my inactivity, don’t ask why…
Anyways, it’s International Shark Week! So, on this blog, in honor of this week, I’m doing a short story on Shark Boy! And an art piece!

The Vengeance of the Shark
Run. There’s no time to turn back now. Those were the very words resounding in Spike’s mind. His more-than-best-friend Shark Girl had uttered them when heir Island was falling apart.

“Shark Boy! Come back! His parents were yelling. Hot sand burning the sunburned soles of his feet. Shark Guy‘s eyes boring holes riht into the deepest pits of his soul. Volcano bubbling, there was no certainty of when it would erupt.

“There’s no way I’m staying here. And never call me Shark Boy after that haunting experience!” He shouted, the wind drowning his voice.

It was Shark Girl, whose formal name was Sharkira, called again, in a much less loud voice, “We have to find a way off this Island. The Volcano is the only way!”

Quickly turning back, the duo sprinted off towards the volcano.

“Not on my watch,” said Shark Guy, “the volcano isn’t gonna kill him. I will.”

I hope you liked it! You get to decide what happens! And, here is the drawing that I did in five minutes!

Bye! Hope you enjoyed your Shark Week!

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