A Midsummer Night’s Theme

Hi guys! Welcome to… the Poptastic Blog late-in-the-night partying mode! Your host ShayShayGamer (Plays Superhero music), along with Greedy Clown and Brave Burger, are giving you a super duper extra special post about…

Summer in Poptropica!

It has finally arrived. Eight new outfits have risen up. The Poppies (more info about this later) came and are gone, and now we arrive at the scene in which the trio actually starts the post!

So, I interviewed Silver Wolf (aka Wolfy) today, and look!

1. Have you dressed your Poptropican for Summer? If so, how does she look? Have you dressed both Poptropicans or just Original?

I usually only dress my Poptropican up for special events. Otherwise it’s just my normal outfit! Although, right now I’m dressed for the Poppies with a red suit, bowtie, and cane. I only dressed up on the original, though, and not Poptropica Worlds.

2. The inevitable question: do you prefer Original or Worlds? Please explain with as much detail as possible.

Where Worlds is right now, I definitely prefer Original. Worlds was really hyped up and came up short, especially with Crisis Caverns. I don’t think the island was fully fleshed out, and it could have had more detail. I would love the Quest Log, but it stopped working too. I’m also not a fan how Store Items aren’t free anymore for Members on Words because then there are really no big benefits for Membership. The houses are cool, but they seem very bland right now. Overall I just think Worlds hasn’t lived up to its hype and it still has a lot of work left compared to the Original.

3. What is your ultimate favorite island, be it Worlds or Classic, and does it have any summer theme?

I love the wittiness of Mocktropica! I thought it was a hilarious and fun island, yet still had a story. It kind of has a summer theme as it’s super sunny and nice outside, but you end up getting to change it to make it rain if you like. I also may have been the second person to finish it. wink

4. If you could turn any book into a Poptropica Island, which book would it be?

Ooh…I love reading, so this is a hard one…but I would have to choose Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I know it’s a super popular series, but that’s got to be one of my favorite books ever!

5. Do you prefer normal 24 Carrot Island or Worlds-ified?

I actually like Worlds a lot. I think they both have their charm and are unique in their own ways, but I do prefer Worlds’. I only wish they still had the hair color changing drinks!

6. Was Poptropica Worlds what you expected? Better or worse?

This is mostly explained in question two, but it was a pretty big let down to me. Crisis Caverns, the houses, the prices for costumes, how long it takes to load, no Common Rooms or Friends feature…and the pluses it did have were glitchy.

7. Who is your favorite character (preferably Summer-themed or on Worlds)?

Ooh…there are a ton of characters I enjoy, but as for summer-themed, Shark Boy! He’s kind of a running gag, and he’s just a chill character.

8. This is not related to Poptropica. What is your favorite holiday?

I love everything about Halloween! I love the costumes, candy, haunted house, horror movies…all of it! It’s just a nice time to have fun.

9. Anything more you have to say to the readers?

Um…as for some pretty basic stuff, my favorite colors are black and blue, and I love animals, especially cats!


So there you have it! Bye!

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