Two Carrot Islands… One Winner!

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Hey guys! As you all probably know (and if you didn’t, you were definitely hiding under a rock. And yes, this link description and link itself is long and random.)

Anyway, yes, the infamous 24 Carrot Island is now on Poptropica Worlds! So as I said earlier today, I am going to do a review of both the Islands, original and remastered. So, without further ado, let’s begin!




The Characters in this version of 24 Carrot Island are the same, but there are a few tweaks to there costumes, and other extra characters, such as the  ex-Carrot Queen, and the Bum. I like all the Characters, except the Waitress, who needs a tip (just for giving milk?!?), and the crazed man who captured the cat. All in all, these characters weren’t bad– well, as bad as I thought they would be.


It’s about the same as the original, there’s not much to say over here. Except the mad old man who captures me! *raging, seething with anger* He will pay!

Magic Sinker: Okay, calm down. Let’s move on before you attack me…


Um, It’s… a bit… sluggish. Not to get me wrong, it was definitely better than Crisis Caverns. But yeah, like all Worlds games, it was lagging. I wouldn’t give this category a very high score…


I have a few pictures here of the new 24 Carrot Island, but before that, I’d like to say that the looks were almost the same as the normal Carrot Island…


It’s was short but sweet. Just like this verdict! So, in the end, it gets a…



The characters were the same, but I kinda liked the old Carrot Island peeps better, they just seem more familiar and… original.


Yes, it was the same. But, I liked the new Carrot Island better because it was prolonged,  but not in a “stalled” kind of manner.


It works better. After the Beta Carotene testing was done, it completely upgraded the whole thing!


Um, I prefer the old Carrot Island.  It looks better, because… well… it just does. You know that feeling you get when you don’t know how to explain something but you still want the person you’re talking to to understand what you’re saying? Well, yes that is what is happening.


It gets a…








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