Greedy Here Once Again!

Welcoming all Greedy Kittens! Greedy Clown’s just popping by to say hi! OK, the deal is, I have been on holiday so I haven’t been able to post, but yah, yah, I’m here now. Anyway, there’s not much news here, so I better say by–
Wait! Yes, I have an idea, hee hee! Let’s hold a competition for best summer photo booth picture! The rules are:
  1. Must be rated G or PG, otherwise disqualification unto the violator
  2. Must be sent to either BraveBurger or Magic Sinker on Discord (or this Discord), or me on Gmail
  3. The art must have something to do with Poptropica, and have at least one villain
  4. Of course, it has to be done in the photo booth
  5. The due date is end of July, as in July 31st.
  6. Have fun, kitties!

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