Pop Down Memory Lane: The Creators’ Blog

Que pasa and Konnichiwa, Poptropicans! (Before I start this post, VERY IMPORTANT: Should our new domain URL be http://www.thepoptasticblog.com or http://www.poptastic.com?)

Today, as seen in the title, I am gonna do a post about old posts on the Creators’ Blog, and (both positively and negatively) critique them. First up…

The Poll Has Spoken by Thirsty Whale (ironic) on September 23rd, 2008.
This post was one of the most interesting posts I found on the Creators’ Blog in the 2008 archive, meaning the rest of the posts were not interesting (to me). Anyway, all it was talking about was the new (at the time) Island, Reality TV, and some select few Poptropicans (JK, everyone who viewed that post could vote if they felt like it) voted. But wait! I’ve just found out something very interesting! Reality TV island was actually called Survival Island in the files!

Next up…

Evolution by Director D on 21st August 2009
I really like this post, mostly because it shows us how we were going to look if it weren’t for some newer ideas. The middle line looks most like the Original Poptropicans now.

The original is cringeworthy.

HADES IN DA HOWWWOOOSSS by Hades on December 31st 2009
This was the first post by Hades on the blog. Nough said.

Next is…

Board at Work by Binary Bard on August 13th 2009. It was in Binary form, so I was too lazy to translate, you can do it yourself.

Okay, the final one that I love most…

 Avatar Studio on 24th August 2009 (more about this later) by Hazmat Hermit

The Avatar Studio! I really live this because… It was on my birthday! When I was turning… four. ._. Yes, now you know when my birthday is.

Byeeeee everyone, hope you enjoyed this post!

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