Hi! Today I have some (depressing) news, but let’s save that to the end and pop right to United Force! Today it is kinda short because I didn’t really have enough time to work on it.

Fierce Flyer 

“Lucky Wing! LW?” Fierce Flyer hollered. He was getting seriously frustrated. He kept going straight, but little did he know he was going farther and farther away from his target and closer into enemy grounds. Fortunately,  he was going round in circles, so he didn’t reach Villain HQ. “Ugh!” He yelled impatiently, completely annoyed.

Then, his peace element malfunctioned because his brain was thinking the opposite. Fierce Flyer accidentally sent out an electromagnetic wave that destroyed everything in a 100-mile radius.

Lucky Wing, who was just a few minutes away, woke up because she heard the blast coming five seconds before it hit her. She used her energy to reflect the wave off her body and back in the direction it came from. “Wait.” She thought aloud. “The only person on this planet who has Mind Control is–” She gasped. “Fierce Flyer! Oh no… a blast of that calibre is sure to destroy him even before it touches him.” So, using her luck, she turned the wave back around, and absorbed it in the energy balls she had formed earlier, making her stronger and more immune to it.

“Since it had come from the north-east, I’m sure I’ll be able to track him, and by the end of the week, would’ve found him!”

So, I hope you enjoyed that chapter! So the news is… I’m travelling abroad for a month! I am not really sure if we’ll have Wi-Fi, but cross your fingers. We might not be back until the end of July– and how I’ve just been informed that we will have Wi-Fi…

Ibleeibleeiblee that’s all, folks!

2 thoughts on “Well…

  1. Lucky Wing says:

    I am all powerful! Mwa ha ha ha ha!!!!
    (This is why I’m not trusted with lasers BTW.)
    Aaaaaaaand… Hey! I caught that reference in the end there! Yus! Anyways, have a good trip!


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