Where Have I Been?

Hello! I hope you like my extra-long post! Today I am re-making a series (The Islands will be judged on:

  • Island Storyline
  • Difficulty
  • Characters
  • Graphics
  • Bad glitches)

That we had, like, a month ago, and giving y’all a new series! The name of the new series is…

Popping the Charts!

And, I made two awesome murals for both series! Here is the Island Showdown mural…


And here is the Popping the Charts mural!


I hope you like them. Anyway, the new series will be once a week or once every two weeks, depending on my schedule, or the data I collect. I am going to start this series next week! Wait, but before I start this, you guys are all probably asking, “Wait, what’s this series going to be about anyway?” I have the answer to your question, my dear friends. I am going to be taking a vote on Discord, this blog, Gmail, or anywhere else that I can contact you Poptropicans on, and ask questions like Out of Twisted Thicket and Great Pumpkin Island, what is your favorite Island? Or (I have to get the people’s permission/consent before I do such questions) Out of… um… Magic Sinker and Cheerful Star, who is your favorite? Of course, questions will differ majorly.

Now, for today’s real post. The remake of Island Showdown! We are going to be taking two islands from Poptropica and Poptropica Worlds, and putting them up against each other. In the end, we will see which island is declared winner! There are many different mixes of islands we can do with this series, so I doubt it will take a short time to get finished.

The two Islands we will be doing today are: Counterfeit Island and Escape from Pelican Rock!

First, we’ll start with Escape from Pelican Rock Island and, as we all know, it’s the island where you get to meet our least favorite villain the Booted Bandit, and where you get framed. Then, you have to spend time in jail, meeting new characters that help you escape and take the real villain to jail. It’s also the last real island (Monkey Wrench doesn’t count) on Classic Poptropica, and will probably always be. Let’s start!


I explained the synopsis in Layman’s Terms, but let’s get down to the real stuff. You lad on the Island, and all seems serene and peaceful. But alas, not everything is as it seems. Go to the left, and a thief is stealing a poor old woman’s purse. S/he dashes right past you. Being the hero you are, you follow them up the hill, and get framed up at the tower.

At the prison, you are entitled to food, water, and shelter. Apparently, anything else you get is a privilege. Come next day, you go to recreation and mingle with the jail mates. Blah blah blah, Flashy hating you, blah, blah blah, toughest prisoner hating you, and trying to attack you. Drill, fall in line, all that stuff.

You go to work, which is making number plates. Fun fact: One of the number plats is PHB-1, which is a reference to The Poptropica Help Blog! Here’s where it starts to get interesting!

When you go to lunch, you take a spoon and sit down with Patches. The two prisoners near you start talking about the crumbling walls, etc., etc. Now I think y’all get the gist of this island, finding a way to break out of prison.

I personally think the storyline is good, but could be better by having more plot twists and the like. All in all, I think it is a good storyline, after all the developments over the years.

So, for this category, EFPR gets a One (1)! (Let me explain: there are five categories for each Island, and at the end of one category, you can get anything between Zero(0) and One(1) with Zero being the lowest and One being the highest.)


To me, this island is way too difficult. It was marked three whole skulls on the map! I mean, they’re stress you out if you are stuck on a particularly hard part. Don’t get me wrong: when I played this island, it was super fun. But the Creators should have made it a small bit easier, in my opinion. I’m truly sorry, but this category gets a…




I love the eccentric characters on Pelican Rock Island (not including the pelicans)! Most of them are amicable, except Flashy, the-prisoner-who’s-name-I-have-forgotten-who-has-a-missing-eye, and the Booted Bandit. Their clothes are a bit plain, but nevertheless the simpler the better. I also like Van Nostrard’s shirt. The characters’ personalities are also very unique, ranging from sly and stuck up to know-it-all to kind and mysterious. This category gets a…



The graphics of the Island are like any other Sound Updated Island’s, but since this is one of the newest islands, the scenery looked better and more professional. The two scenes I liked the most were Main Street and one of the last scenes where your Potropican is chased up the fishing area to the tower. The scenes that I liked the least were the sleeping areas and the roof area. Tis category also gets a… You guessed it…



I don’t really know/have experienced any glitches, but my close friend BraveBurger has, glitch being her falling through the ceiling in the vent and ending up in the Mess Hall. Wait. Actually, I have had a glitch, I fell through the ceiling in the vent and ended up in the Work Area, with nobody in there. We both had to restart. Apart from that, there are no other glitches I’ve gone through. It again, gets a


So, Escape from Pelican Rock Island gets…




Some of the world’s most famous artwork is on display at the Island’s museum, but rumor has it someone’s out to steal it. Can you explore the dark and dangerous side of the online virtual world Counterfeit Island and save the day in the cracking canvas caper?

I actually haven’t played this island, but nonetheless I have to continue. I think it has a fine storyline, not too bad but not “WOW” either. So, to be fair, this island’s storyline gets a…


This island isn’t as difficult as some other islands in Poptropica in my opinion. Yes, it has either two or three skulls (I’ve forgotten), but EFPR was more hard. But still, I think this island balanced out the difficulty so it also gets a…



The characters on Counterfeit Island are smashing. I mean, just think about Black Widow! She’s cunning, has a unique backstory and personality, and is really smart. She even managed to get onto Super Villain Island! She’s my second favorite Villain, but, of course, we all like Dr. Hare. This island also has the infamous Balloon Boy! This gets a…



I didn’t really like the graphics on the island, because it was the tenth Poptropica Island so it was definitely a Non-SUI, and all of you know that I don’t like the graphics of Non-SUIs. But, I like the scenery of this island. So, due to that fact, this island gets a…



This island, due to it being very old, has many glitches. These glitches range from the Restart Island glitch to the Invisible Wall glitch to the Balloon Boy glitch, which have not yet been patched, I don’t think I fancy this island in this category very much. Therefore, it gets a…

Zero(0) Whe, whe, weoooow…

So, Counterfeit Island gets…


So, Escape from Pelican Rock Island wins! I hope y’all enjoyed my derpy pictures!

Thanks for reading! Bye!



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