Worlds vs. Classic: An In-depth Review


Bonjour, mon Poptropicamis! Today I am going to do an in-depth review of Poptropica Worlds vs. Poptropica Classic. The categories for today are:

  • Sound effects
  • Graphics
  • Islands
  • Poptropicans
  • Store Items
  • Gameplay/Mechanics
  • Glitches & Glitching

Alright, let’s pop to it!


The sound effects on Worlds are way better than those of Classic. But, we still have to consider the fact that Poptropica Worlds came after Sound Updated Islands, so it’s a no-brainer that the sound effects will have more quality and effect on the listener. Back to the point. For example, On Crisis Caverns, normal Music is playing when you land on Main Street and go into the building on the right. But, danger music is played in the caves. On Home Island, the same music that is played on Classic is also played. I think it can—will get better as more islands are added to


Until 2013, Virus Hunter Island, there have been little/no hearings of music in the World of Poptropica. The only ones I’ve heard are the ones on Back Lot and Ghost Story Islands, where when the player is acting scenes (the music is really soft, I had to strain my ears to actually hear it), and on Ghost story where the violinist walks in and says something to the tune of “did I scare you, dearie?” This was ranked as one of the scariest encounters on Poptropica. But, as the game developed more and more, music was finally heard on Virus Hunter! I think the sound effects on Poptropica are better than those of Poptropica Worlds. My own opinion, please do not rant about this.


The winner of this round is…

Poptropica Worlds!

It’s newer and more improved, frankly!




Simply, the graphics I’ve seen on Poptropica Worlds were better than I expected. Remember this video? Yes, I thought that the graphics were going to be terrible, but they have really improved from that video (Gameplay is another story…). I doubt everybody likes this idea, but I like the drop shadow on the Poptropicans’ faces, and eyes. It makes them look more professional, more… real.

The background/backdrop are simply stunning. If this category was only for background, Worlds would win.


Image result for poptropica gameplay

I love the graphics on Poptropica Classic. They weren’t as rushed. I mean, what do you expect for a game that has been in existence for 9 nine going on ten years? Worlds has been here for merely a month. He Poptropicans’ parts fit perfectly with each other, the backdrop is pretty (but not as stunning), and the movement is smooth. I have never had any graphics glitches o Poptropica, but let’s not talk about graphics glitches on Worlds…


Poptropica Classic!

It has been around for long, I don’t think there’s any more room for development!



There are only two islands on Worlds (at the time I was writing this), so it’s pretty straightforward. Not only that, but I feel like the Creators didn’t put a lot of time and thinking into the one playable island, Crisis Caverns. The pot somehow feels a bit “rushed” to me, because, forgive me, but all you do is land on the island, get deer antlers, get a badge, save the mole people, get an egg (which was, actually, one of the items we were supposed to get!), and so on and so forth. But, every game has a humble start! Early Poptropica wasn’t that good, either. Let’s give Worlds a chance.


Image result for poptropica map

Here is a picture of part of the map, courtesy of The Creators’ Blog

I think this game hands-down wins this category. Reason being, there are 40+ islands on Poptropica, and only one on Worlds. Sure, Worlds is new, but this is one of the reasons to trust Poptropica Classic more on having the experience to make better islands. Yes, I know that Poptropica is by the same people as Poptropica Worlds, and yes, I know that Poptropica won’t be updated any more. But while it was still being updated, the islands had some thought put into them! (Don’t get me wrong, oldies are goldies).



Poptropica Classic defeats Worlds again!

40+ Islands and 58 medallions to win!




No offense meant to anyone, but I really do not like the Poptropicans on Worlds. I think I am just being biased, but the Poptropicans glitch so much. I don’t think anyone is really used to the look of the Poptropicans, but we will get used to them someday. What is new are the hand-shaped hands instead of balls, taller height, and shoes. Those are the three main reasons, but the shadows, as I mentioned earlier, are also different. I like them. In the “Unleleased” version, my Bleachy Boy swam on land (yes, I still am Bleachy), and his legs dislocated off his body. ‘Nough said.



I am pretty used to them, but I don’t really like their legs and feet. They just looked… “Unrealistic” to me, as I was seven or eight when I started playing Poptropica. They move seamlessly, though. But, I also like how Magic Sinker looks in Poptropica way more than my Bleachy Boy that I can even call a Poptropican.

Tie! Both had Pros and Cons.



Image result for poptropica worlds store

I like the Worlds store items only because they included a house for Poptropicans. In Classic, we could only make so called “houses” by building them on Realms. (Another reason to get membership: more rooms in your house!). Now, not only do we get to have houses, we also get to decorate them by buying things from the Store!

I also love the outfits, though there is not really a wide range of outfits in the store. ANd there aren’t any powerups (e.g. Atom Power)



(Click to enlarge)

The store items in Classic have grown in quality and quantity over these many nine or so years. I don’t know your opinion, but to me the costumes seem a little bit repetitive in some weird way. Nonetheless, I still love the costumes.


Poptropica Worlds. 

I just love the outfits and designs.




Um… I have no idea where to start on this category. Maybe…

The island (as I said) was rushed and the glitches on Home Island are cringeworthy. The way the Poptropicans run is also bad, but I guess it will improve over time. As the Creators say, Poptropica took 9 years to develop!



The gameplay and mechanics are perfect. The Poptropicans running and swimming look realistic. Guess who won this category?


I think you guessed right. Poptropica Classic.



There is glitching, but not in the good way. Since Worlds runs on Unity and WebGL, none of the glitches were carried over to the new Poptropica. Since Poptropice Worlds opened, glitches such as Bleachy Boy– what the Poptropica Community has dubbed a glitch that removes your mouth, hair, changes you into a male regardless of their gender, and turns your skin tone snow-white– hence the name bleachy. There was also the swim on water glitch in the earlier stages.



There weren’t as many bad glitches, except not being able to do certain things on an island, like one time BraveBurger was trying to complete Shrink Ray Island, she wasn’t able to get the coordinates from CJ. She restarted the island twice–still no improvement. But there were ASGs and then there was iPop, and the credits glitch.


Obviously, Classic wins.



Classic wins by a very narrow margin! By one round!

Thank you for bearing through this very long post. I hope you enjoyed! Sincerely,

~Gamer Gal



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