(Almost) New Header, New Series Debut, New Fansite, New Hit Count, New Background, New Logo, and New Author!

Dis gon b a lown post, sa stik ’round we gon ‘av an awsum tym!

Hello, Poptropicans far and wide, have you heard the news?

Extra, Extra, Read all about it!

Okay, let e start with this:

I’ve been working on a ne header image for the whole day (literally) and all I need for the finishing touches are the drawings courtesy of Happy Lobster about the authors on this blog, including Mascots! Here is what it looks like as of now:


(The empty space is for the drawings) And now, in case you haven’t seen, the new logo!


Next up is our awesome background! I made two, but the first was too dark so none of the words were showing. Also, note to Purple Claw, which theme do you use? It seems pretty functional.



Boom. Nothin’ more to say.


The first ‘New’ leads up to the third (yes, I skipped second on purpose 😉 )

We are an official Poptropica Fansite!


Thank you so much, Creators and everyone who reads this blog! Thanks to the authors, too! (Speaking of authors, we need new authors here ._.)

May the fourth ‘new’ be with you!

We have reached 1500+ hits! Thanks again! We love you, fans, readers, and followers!

Back to the second: New series! This is/was the first series on the Creators’ Blog! By Series I mean something like Mashup Mondays on Poptropica Tips, Fan Fiction Fridays on Fierce Flyer’s blog, and so on and so forth. Find it here.

For a less in-depth explanation, this is something that will happen two (I believe) Fridays a month where one of the Creators writes a post on their favorite thing in Worlds.

Skinny Moon’s favorite was the chandelier that is available in the Decor and/or Furniture store.

Here is the Chandelier…

And here is Skinny Moon sporting her chandelier above her bed.

Finally, I am a new author on Brainy Pop Blog run by Cuddly Brain!

Thanks to him bunches for this great achievement in my blogging career. I will try to do my best with the posts on that blog!

That’s about it– except that I am still Bleachy Boy. Creators, please fix this, as neither Chrome nor Firefox has WebGL apparently. 😦

I’m afraid that’s all the time I have for today so… bye, guys and see you next time on The Poptastic Blog or Brainy Pop Blog!

~GamerGal 😉




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