It’s Summer! It’s Summer!

N.B: Should I really continue this blog? I feel like nobody is even reading this anymore, so it could end up as a time-waster for all of you guys reading. Please answer the above questions.

Hey guys! Sorry, I have not been able to post for long, I was getting ready for (drumroll…) Summer Holidays! School ended today at 12:00P.M, but sadly, BraveBurger won’t be able to post (98.09% sure) because she left to the States, and is coming back in August. Greedy Clown is still here but is also on holiday, so I think only when she comes over will she be able to post until August. 

Anyway, there has been lots of news while I was on my short break from blogging. Many blogs have grown, and Worlds has fixed some glitches such Bleachy Boy (I haven’t seen it work on Magic-S)! If you didn’t already know, Bleachy Boy is the glitch that turns your avatar into a boy regardless of your gender, turns your skin tone and hair (you have to buy hair to get hair if you have the Bleachy Boy glitch) white, and removes your mouth– refresh your browser to remove the glitch. 

The Cars 3 advert has also come out, the first ad to come out on both Worlds and Original. And possibly we have “endless customization options” which I personally doubt is possible–yet. 

According to the Creators’ blog, there are many other rooms such as the kitchen, living room, bedroom and so on and so forth. I haven’t really been focused on Poptropica as much as I have end-of-school activities, but now I will decorate my house and send in a picture of my PopWorldsan, too.

Here are some pictures of the following mentioned above:

Now, here is (another drumroll…) United Force! Poor Lucky Wing, getting lost again…

 Lucky Wing & Fierce Flyer 

“Ok,” said LW, panting seriously, “we are halfway there. And running from that pack of wolves was not easy at all. I literally had to carry you all the way since you were asleep!”

“2,500 miles to go! I can’t bear it any longer!” Said Fierce Flyer. 

“Ya don’t say! And how ironic! There’s a pack of bears (Ooh! That rhymes!) headed our way! Scram!

So they  headed in different directions, the bears getting confused. But they didn’t see each other the rest if the day.


Levathia was really scared. ‘Why can’t they just come home by themselves? And why do have to go.’ She thought to herself.

“I better just levitate myself avove the footpath, and look for them.”

        Lucky Wing 

“Oh, no, where the cat am I?” Lucky Wing, shivering, muttered to herself, strongly opinionated that she had really and truly run mad.

Suddenly, as if by some very biased ‘luck’, Lucky Wing found a ledge leading up to an anonymous place. She had never been to this part of the forest before. She was mortified. Lucky Wing was aeroacrophobic, acro/altophobic, aeronausiphobic, aerophobic, and anemophobic. This place fit all these phobias.  But she had to. Otherwise it meant certain death, one way or another.

She knew the villains were after them.

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