United Force and a new Sneak-Peek!

Hi! At the end of this post,  I have a sneak peek/synopsis of the new series I am writing for PopWorlds. Let the stories… commence!


What if you loved in a failing world with nothing to hold on to in the long run? Some of us do. Including me, Magic Sinker. Living in one of these dystopian worlds is tough enough to go through, living in two is terror. But I have a plan, a plan to put the pieces of Poptropica back together, to turn this place back into the utopia it was before we were brutally forced to migrate south to the “all-new Poptropica Worlds. I am Magic Sinker, and this is my story.

*By this time, the Earth had been destroyed.

Now the story!

Back to the Story…

“What are we going to do about our Firece Flyer and Lucky Wing crisis?” Said Arrow.
“We go look for them… but no! The villains are on the loose!”
At this point, everyone had ideas, from going into anarchy to disguising themselves as villains, but the idea that really stood out was…
“What about sending a dummy to go look for them, and activating their GPS so that if, only if they don’t return in three days’ time, we will track them and try our luck beating the villains. If only we had Lucky Wing the PoptropiBorg here with us, we would have luck on our side!” This idea came from Magnette.
“But who will this dummy be? Lets take a vote. I will call out a name, and we will say ‘aye’, if we want them to be the dummy. Then I will calculate, and we will see who has the most ‘ayes’.” Said Sneaky Lightning, the smartest of them all.
The one who came out on top was Leviatha! Only because Fierce Flyer had also been captured, too.
“Okay, then! Lemme go! Magnette, activate my GPS!”
Once it was activated and connected to the projector (as it had a microscopic camera on it), Leviatha, youngest Elemental of all, left into the wilderness.

Back at Villain HQ…

“Where are the hostages! I demand to see them now! Or I will strike you all down with my lightningbolts! You know what happens when you make the bosses of higher power MAD! I don’t know, either. But show them to me!” Zeus boomed.
“Um, uh– we will get them just now, sir!” Said the mortified Black Widow. 
“Go!” Zeus was in a bad mood.
Upon reaching, they only saw a half-asleep Booted Bandit, who was struggling to get out of the Chains.”
“What the Cryptid happened here! Were have our prisoners gone! ?!@$*&@!” Said Gretchen Grimlock, who had only just been transferred from Highest-order villain to Mission-Completer-Lab-Rat. The only Highest-order villains left were Director D, Mr Silva, Ringmaster Raven, Omegon, Binary Bard and a few others.
She ferociously ripped off the Booted Bandit’s tape, found a master key and unlocked them.
“Start explaining!” She said, tapping her foot and her eyes burning into to the Booted Bandit’s soul.
“They tricked me!” The Booted Bandit said, hesitating.
Grimacing, Gretchen Grimlock gave the Booted Bandit a resounding, painful and paralysing blow to the face.
“But-but didn’t we send a bug to record their every move?” Said the scarred Myron Van Buren, with Octavian nodding.
“Yes, servant. Yes we did. But on my home planet, the Elemental that was there had Magnetics so she was able to disable the bug. Now you better go and find the hostages, and you guys are lucky that I am now in a happy mood, as I have shut down Zeus’ body until I am satisfied with your performance.” Boomed Titanium Mistress, from planet Qubrion V96.


 Yes boss.” They all said.

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