Poptropica Has Not Been Forgotten!

Hi, Magix here with all you lovely Poptropica Peeps! Howd’ya like mah lists the last time I posted? Right now I am working on a pointilism-anime me. I will post a picture when done. A note for today, BraveBurger is having some technical difficulties, so she cannot post! And congratulations to Fierce Flyer for getting on the Community Creations on the PHB!

I first want to start with the new updates Poptropica has given the map, which I’ll try to get the pictures up as soon as possible, as now I am not with my laptop.

Remember this post? There has been lots of well-deserved hype for Poptropica Worlds, but it is clear that Poptropica Classic has not been forgotten by the Creators or the players.

But Poptropica Worlds is in the spotlight now! Some sneak peeks show that home island will be remastered (again;)!) And, I know many of you have seen this already, but the locked doors are supposed to be a house “expansion” which is another Members Only addition.

Here, on Twitter (which I will add the picture as soon as I can), we see that the Creators are actually coming up with fixes to our glitches in Worlds! They also sent a message to me.
So, in conclusion, just try to enjoy, more islands are coming and it will get better! Magic Sinker out!

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