Read Posts, Not Titles.

Hey dudes *dabs* Magic Sinker here, but before I start, I need to say that:

  1. Please call me Magix! It looks way cooler and is a lot easier to say. Pronounced ‘Maah-jih-ks’
  2. I am covering for ShayShayGamer, who is revising for her last two exams.

ShayShayGamer: Wait!

Magix: Wut?

ShayShayGamer: I need to say somethin’!

Magix: Wut?

ShayShayGamer: I have been grounded from my tablet for two days, so I can’t post United Force until Wednesday, and we can’t go on electronics at school anymore, so I will be more scarce!

Magix: KK, do I look like I care?

ShayShayGamer: Rude. Just plain rude. Smh

Back to me, Magix. The Summer Holidays are almost here, and some of you have already started them. But ShayShayGamer hasn’t started; not until 16th June. Well, in UG, it isn’t really different for us as it is always hot. In fact, it becomes colder in the Summer months then hotter in December & January.

I hope you are enjoying Worlds, but still play Poptropica! Don’t leave it like a dying ember! I have started writing Island Guides, that will be out goodness-knows-when. But I have to do it usin’ mah *makes a vomiting face*… stunt double…

So bai!

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