United Force: Chapter 5 

I am back again! Hope you enjoyed my PopSona. Don’t ask me why this is underlined. Thanks to Fierce Flyer for helping me discover MediBang Paint and coollogo.com.

Chapter 5

Back at the tree fort, with no villains to worry about for a few days (this they did not know), the Elementals tought them how to use their powers, summon their orbs, etc. At the end of the sessionm, Cheerful Heart did a role call to see who was there, just in case any elemental or Poptropican had fallen out of order and gotten lost.

All the Elementals were present, as they were at the front of the line after Cheerful Heart.

“Magic Sinker!”


“Brave Burger!”


“Greedy Clown!”


“Nice Snowball!”


“Curious Dragon!”


“Mighty Flame!”

“Um, did you notice that he left on the day we met him, absent-minded?” The friends said in unison.

“Oh, okay. Vampi!”


“Fierce Flyer!”

Nobody answered. They started fidgeting.

“Lucky Wing?”

Nobody answered. They were now really worried.

“Where could they be? Maybe lost? Or kidnapped? Probably the latter, they know their way here in their sleep.” Said Nice Snowball.

“But we know that the County Jail is thousands of miles from here, and who else, with all the people evacuated, could have possibly taken them?” Said Cheerful Heart.

“Speaking of evacuation, we better vacate this fort! The villains know by heart where everyone lives and hangs out. The Villains!”

“Oh, I just remembered, we were hiding out in an underground cave that was hidden by Daphone’s plants. We can seek shelter and make our HQ there.” Said Boltte.

“And, I can build a tracking system to find the lost two. I put a GPS tracker on all of you when you weren’t looking, I am as fast as Melody! I ain’t just an air head! Get it? Ya know, gravity, air, all that stuff… well just forget I ever said it if nobody’s laughing. Hmmph.” Leviatha pouted.

So they all left, with Spillie leading the way. After that, they all entered one by one into to underground cave with a covered up hole/trapdoor. Descending into the place was like the drop from Poptropica to river Styx in Hades’ realm. Curious Dragon took a role call, and everyone else was there that time…

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