My PopSona!

Hi! I am here with Magic Sinker for a really special post today, regarding our PopSonas. I took about two hours yesterday drawing us, then about five minutes today making the collage, so please enjoy! This PopSona will be a mix of ourselves IRL vs. our Poptropicans, so it will be a versus PopSona. I will also be posting it on Twitter! This will be followed by a ‘5 things I bet you didn’t know about me’ post, thanks to Lucky Wing for the idea. And sorry,  I haven’t had the time to post United Force this week, I guess I will just have to do two next week. And if you are wondering how I actually look, I am not going to do a face reveal, but my drawing is pretty accurate for how I usually look on a Saturday at home. I will post the full picture, not just the bust, at the end of this post. Oh, and ShayShayGamer wants Lucky Wing to ask Dr. Hare if he likes Magic Sinker. Don’t tell Magic Sinker I said that 😜LOL. Anyway, here it is! Wait but in the comments, please choose who you like better based on their descriptions, me, or Magic Sinker. Trust me, I won’t get offended if you say MS.


            ShayShayGamer                   vs.                   Magic Sinker     

  And yes, I always look that mischievous.

  1.  ShayShayGamer: Age – 11.5
  2. Magic Sinker: Age – 13
  3. ShayShayGamer: Lives – on Earth, Uganda
  4. Magic Sinker: Lives – Home Island Plot # 4 Second Floor of Arcade
  5. ShayShayGamer: Siblings – Only Child
  6. Magic Sinker: Siblings – Adopted Sister Cheerful Heart
  7. ShayShayGamer: Characteristics –  
  8. Tends to over-think 
  9. About average with a little bit of weird thrown in as a tween girl
  10. Not really good at than sports
  11. Flexible
  12. Human
  13. Quirky
  14. Neither a tomboy or a girly girl
  15. Doesn’t have a crush on any villain
  16. Cannot make decisions very fast, or stick with one decision 
  17. Has brown eyes
  18. Has long, black braids
  19. 5ft 1″
  20. Has a flu at the moment due to flu season in Uganda
  21. Likes school
  22. Terrifyingly horrible at singing
  23. Good at drawing
  24. Speaks fluent sarcasm
  25. Always has a tablet, or a Kindle for reading and blogging
  26. Acne’s starting to come in! 😯
  27. Magic Sinker: Characteristics – 
  28. Medium height for a young teenager
  29. Funny but doesn’t know it
  30. Quirky
  31. Hint of goth
  32. Speaks fluent sarcasm
  33. Cyborg
  34. Flower tattoo 
  35. Mysteriously has a magical tail
  36. Teeth are perfect, even though…
  37. Always seen chewing gum
  38. Loves gymnastics, though is good at all sports 
  39. Unique sense of style that you either like or don’t like
  40. Not much sense of humor
  41. Can be irrational  very irrational
  42. Procrastinates a lot
  43. Very good at singing
  44. Petrifyingly horrible at drawing
  45. Handy woman
  46. Always has an umbrella for combat and rain
  47. Kinda shy
  48. Irritates her human counterpart, ShayShayGamer
  49. Doesn’t really attend multiverses, but goes to common rooms.
  50. Not much is known about her family
  51. Never wears skirts without pants inside
  52. Gets annoyed easily
  53. Loves pirates/is part pirate
  54. Has a crush on Dr. Hare but keeps it secret (that is, until she told me, ShayShayGamer)
  55. Lived on Pelican Rock Island for long, then migrated after the Booted Bandit framed her
  56. Has never cried.
  57. ShayShayGamer: Likes – 
  58. Candy
  59. Candy
  60. Candy
  61. Ice-cream 
  62. Gymnastics
  63. Instagram 
  64. Snapchat 
  65. Art
  66. Drawing
  67. Poptropica
  68. Blue
  69. Water parks
  70. Kinda swimming
  71. School
  72. Having friends
  73. Spelling tests
  74. Stuffed animals (yes, I still own a small collection of stuffed animals, 17 to be exact)
  75. Playing Piano
  76. Designing T-shirt
  77. Watching Nickelodeon as a boredom-buster
  78. Playing cards
  79. Lunar Chronicles
  80. Everything being neat
  81. Ascendance Trilogy
  82. Inkheart Trilogy 
  83. Gaming
  84. Much more than I can think of at the moment
  85. Magic Sinker: Likes – 
  86. Gymnastics, but not as much as ShayShayGamer
  87. Chronicles of Narnia
  88. The Inheritance Cycle
  89. Poptropica
  90. Harry Potter
  91. Ascendance Trilogy
  92. Inkheart Trilogy
  93. Her dead fish that she threw away
  94. Neon-light-cyan-turquoise
  95. The word supercalifragalisticexpialidocious
  96. The word pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis (yes, I can spell the longest word in the English dictionary without looking! That is why I love spelling tests!)
  97. Bubblegum (not to be confused with chewing gum, which she abhors)
  98. Sonic/Sega games, mostly the old-fashioned Sonic Generations
  99. ShayShayGamer: Dislikes – 
  100. People who dislike her
  101. People who fool around in class
  102. Pink
  103. Dolls
  104. Baking
  105. Flu
  106. Sitting still
  107. Magic Sinker when she is being irritating
  108. Immaturity
  109. Mile run
  110. Pronouncing asthma (ah-z-muh) as athma (ah-th-muh)
  111. Boys who think that girls like them if they talk to them
  112. People who think they are better than others
  113. Awkward silence
  114. Being away from a book for too long
  115. Slow WiFi
  116. Handball, netball, and softball
  117. Most Happily ever after movies
  118. Watercolor paint
  119. Magic Sinker: Dislikes – 
  120. Chewing Gum (not to be confused with bubblegum, which she adores)
  121. Poptropica Worlds
  122. Most of all, her stunt double, Cheerful Star
  123. Benevolence towards her
  124. Singing even though she is good at it
  125. Television
  126. Mario Games
  127. Puppets
  128. Slow WiFi
  129. Starring in books
  130. 24 Carrot Beta Carottene
  131. ShayShayGamer: Biggest Fear – *gulps, then shudders* elevators…
  132. Magic Sinker: Biggest Fear – Killer Clowns
  133. ShayShayGamer: Ultimate Pet Peeve – People using wrong grammar, such as cactuses instead of cacti, and nebulas instead of nebulae etc.
  134. Magic Sinker: Ultimate Pet Peeve – Laggers in a multiverse room

So that was it! Vote! And here is the list! 

  1. I was born in Kenya
  2. My favourite subject is English Class, then Art class
  3. My first cat’s name was Lulu
  4. My initials are S.L.S which is a part of my signature
  5. I have never had a single detention the whole school year.

Yes that is a handkerchief in my pocket. The flu has ruins meh! 

Goodbye! Farewell, adios, au revoir, musigale bulungi, kwaheri, and see you all on my next post! I want to go chase a cute feral cat that I just saw out my window. 

Gosh, I am weird. 

MS: Ya just noticed? 😒

Me: 😝

Seeya! 😼

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