Hi. My Name is Magic Sinker and This is My Story…

H’lo. *Sigh* I want to inform you that this is part-post-part-rant so no haters, I already warned you…

I have to get a stunt double for Poptropica Worlds! Until I can get Magic Sinker to:

  • Look like  Be a girl, not a boy.😠 
  • Have a mouth. Most important one
  • Walk, not swim (yes, I swim on land. It is a glitch)
  • Have the proper skin tone (not to be racist, but she  HE is Snow White!)
  • Have the proper hair tone (Her  HIS hair is also Snow White!)
  • Talk to Clouds.
  • Jump properly.
  • Not crouch in the closet (long story, no time)
  • And many, many more glitches.

Up to this point, I really, really hate and despise Poptropica Worlds, and if it keeps up like this, I might stop playing and– even worse– stop blogging! Wai did the Creators even bother to make this game! I am really disappointed and ticked off majorly. Before you post rude comments, please refer to the warning I gave at the beginning of the post. Creators, I hope you are reading this, and help me solve mai problem.

So, I will bug the Creators until they find a solution for me. My stunt double looks more like Magic Sinker than PopWorldSinker.

Her name is…

Cheerful Star! Nice name, right? But I like the name Magic Sinker more so I will still bug the Creators. And yes, this is very, very juvenile of me. Bayee! 

6 thoughts on “Hi. My Name is Magic Sinker and This is My Story…

  1. braveburger says:

    really I actually had no trouble except for the fact that YOU CAN”T COSTOMIZE OFF MOUTHS!!
    its really just arghh I have the worst mouth ever!

    I is like Skinny Moons but right smack in the middle!


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