United Force: Chapter 4

Hai! Howses ises yourses dayses? I’mses fineses. Though a bit shaken, because BraveBurger is blackmailing me (not in a bad way– well in a bad way, but in a joking way.😂😅). Here is the FanFic! And sorry popblog for taking your idea without permission without telling the readers about it. Though I did link it. So here you go: It was popblog’s idea . 👍 

Sorry. Let me say it again; here is the FanFic! 

Chapter 4

“Woah, did you guys, like, come to our planet from your different ones?” Asked Vampi.

“Yup, and you guys, as I can tell, have some new Elements that we’ve never seen! Well, if fact, we haven’t actually seen each other since ElementalCon/ElementalMultiverse.” Explained Sunbeam, Elemental of Light.

“Okay, so what do we do with our powers? If someome has powers, there has to be a villain. That’s just the way of the universe.” Said Fierce Flyer

“There are villains. Worse than any you’ve ever seen here on Poptropica. Even worse than the infamous Booted Bandit. Way worse.”

“Like who? And how did you even know the Booted Bandit? We locked them up once we had gotten our identity back!” Said Magic Sinker, pondering.

“We know all the villains. And all will be revealed once we get out of this forest!” Said Melody, in a sing-song voice.

They linked arms, all forty-one  of them, excluding Crazy Cheetah, Magic Sinker’s pet who ran alongside Magic Sinker.

They had even forgotten that their purpose was to get food! And live! Which was abnormal for Poptropicans  as they did not really need food to survive.

“Okay, now explain to us what happened and what is really going on. Please?” Shouted Fierce Flyer to Leviatha, who he had a crush on. (Sorry Fierce!😆)

“First, lower your voice! The villains could be anywhere! And second, why are you asking me? I only just turned thirteen a few days ago! Ask one of the main four Elementals, Fyra, Chesnut, Misty, Dewdrop, or the sacred Omni-Elemental, Opal (Opal: please stop calling me that!).” Whispered Leviatha to Erosia, who passed it on to Wisp, and so on and so forth until the message reached Fierce Flyer.

“He got out his iPhone and texted her lots of emojis. Apparently, he was the only one who ‘accidentally knew’ her number.

Anyway, Chesnut,  Elemental of Earth (in this case ground because they weren’t on the planet Earth) said, “Well, here’s how it all happened: a few days ago, we all saw a warning on the jumbotron to evacuate the planet immediately. Us Elementals stayed, because we wanted to protect the countries. We didn’t know that the planets were moving in on each other, which I know that Neptune has a scientific explanation for how (which she actually didn’t, read on to find out what happens) the planets collided. Then ‘Boom!’ We found ourselves on Poptropica! Along with the villains, who also managed to make their way onto here, I’m guessing because they vowed to destroy us and every good living creature on Poptropica. So of course, since there are more villais than Elementals– wait, [bear with me for a minute longer, I know this explanation is long and boring] there are the same number of villaind as Elementals, except they’ve joined forces with your villains. So we came here to hide, and Daphone over here, made some noise that attracted you guys over here, and we were caugt. Daphone, you are lucky that they aren’t  villains, otherwise you young elementals (Leviatha[13], Daphone [12.9], Erosia[13], Hammerbelle[14], and Starphire [13.5]) would have gotten hurt foraging for food! Yet, Daphone could have grown some food in a flash!” Chesnut was getting a little lot annoyed.

“Wow, um, thanks for that long, in-depth speech, Chesnut!” Stuttered Magic Sinker.

“We better get back to our fort, and discuss how to use these powers against the villains. I mean seriously, how did they escape from the jail again! I prefer the criminals at Pelican Rock.” Said Greedy Clown.

                                     *   *   *

On their way back, Fierce Flyer and Lucky Wing were lagging behind, as they had not slept for long due to excessive homework.

“I can’t believe those dumb villains escaped! They couldn’t have escaped by themselves, they aren’t smart enough.” Said Lucky Wing.

“Well, it’s not like we will see them, the jail is on the other side of Poptropica. Miles away.” Replied Fierce Flyer.

“Looking for us?” Said a grim voice from behind them. It was Betty Jetty.

The two looked around, too scared to move or speak.

“Well look who we have here! Golly, the bosses will sure be happy with us!” Said Speeding Spike.

El Mustachio Grande and Crusher nodded.

“Okay guys, I’m the head of this operation, let’s hit the road, Headquarters is 5,000 miles away!” Ordered Black Widow.

And with that, Lucky Wing and Fierce Flyer  were knocked out.

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