Today is a Really Super Sunday!

Hi guys! Magic Sinker here with you! Sorry I posted a bit late today, I have physics homework and English homework and I am chatting on two different apps while trying to download GhostKid AOE. Scratch that, I am chatting on three different apps.

And if any of you were wondering where I was yesterday, I was at an IRL party during the day followed by CLERTRERPERCER’s Party (Clawtropica) at 8 P.M-11 P.M

Anyway, first I would like to share some pictures with you from the party and, hopefully get new ideas for my header, please tell me in the comments. Third, I will update and publish United Force, as it is on my tablet and I am currently using my laptop.


As you can see, I am twenty-three minutes into the party, and the people I see currently are a Dragon aka smartpoptropica on the far left, Cuddly Brain aka G-Hopper after the dragon, Magic Sinker (me) after G-Hopper, SlantedFish after me, my monkey after SlantedFish, Purple Claw after my monkey, and Fierce Flyer playing a game of balloons with someone on the far right.


First, I want to say that yes, I was too lazy to calculate 60-49 in my head, and I have no idea why I needed to calculate it. This picture was funny because of the army of fartguns that later turned me green for the rest of the party until I refreshed.


As you see, PC has covered the whole second floor with whoopie cushions. And, I turned green as I told you in the second picture.


Now, almost an hour into the party, you see Fierce Flyer laughing at me, while I am crying. and yes, I got zero. I am terrible at virtual sports.


Bendy Flyer turned me into a PIG! And it is kinda silly, because it is Clawtropica’s 1st birthday, not 8th. And yes, the pig is dancing.


I have no idea why I am sniffing PC’s tail. And I do not know why people love pushing walls, it does not make sense.


I was chatting with Lucky Wing the Purple-Haired PoptropiBorg, and it brought “What’s your least favorite chore” twice! Cool!


See, BF! I did win the game!


This is the last pic, I was so mad because these Poptropicans to the right were not budging. I wonder what happens when you run while your head is up?

So, please can someone give me ideas for my new header! Bye! Oh, and I have decided that I will do United Force tomorrow.

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