Wonderfully Wacky Wednesdays… Skinny Moon?

HI guys, MS here. Have you seen the newest post on blog.poptropica.com? Well, it’s basically this:

I have socks and shoes! Hands! Eyelashes! And I’m taller! I feel like I still look very “Poptropica,” but yet so shiny and new. This is SO EXCITING!

We have so many incredible customization options in the Poptropica Worlds store and I can’t wait to give my avatar a whole new look. Soon we’ll all be able to deck out our Poptropicans like never before! Get excited, everyone!

So, I wonder what she means by eyelashes? Because we female Poptropicans already have eyelashes.

And, we look a bit FATTER! I measured, and we are now 0.7 centimeters taller!

I asked Rough Hawk and Greedy Clown what they thought, and they said that they liked everything EXCEPT the hands.

And I am so happy for the shoes! Yay! But not really the socks. MS signing out! Bye!




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