Typically Terrific Tuesdays… Magic Sinker here!

Hi guys! Magic Sinker is here with something very important to say. But first, I want to warn Fierce Flyer about one of the next chapters, but I have forgotten which one. And second, I will– I mean Magic Sinker will do a Top Popping 5, which is LIKE Island Showdown but with different things. But I am currently typing on my momm’s phone and she needs to go to run some errands, as she has just dropped me home from school. And my tablet doesn’t have any Wi-Fi, so I will just have to update this later when she is back. Bye FOR NOW

6 thoughts on “Typically Terrific Tuesdays… Magic Sinker here!

    • ShayShayGamer says:

      No, but you’ll see in a week’s time… and an unexpected twist in the plot happens to you and LW. Wait and see!


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