Super Sundays… Chapter 3!

Hi guys! It is technically a new week so… here is the fanfic! The title is… drumroll…

I am not telling!

Just kidding. It is called United Force. You’ll find out why soon!

Update: I posted chapter 2 by accident! Here is Chapter 3.

Chapter 3

“But how could we? I don’t remember anything from a few minutes ago, though.” Said Fierce Flyer.

“Don’t look at me like I know all the answers!” Said the sassy Trusty Bear.

What they didn’t know was that Poptropica was now infested with villains, and the villains were way worse than any villains that had ever inhabited Poptropica. To  make matters worse, all the villains, ranging from Director D to El Mustachio Grande to Black Widows, had escaped and joined forces with these master villains.

But also, Elementals from all those planets had also come, as these creatures were the only ones who could survive the collision. There was hope.

         *       *       *

“Well, do you guys think we should go out and see how the other Poptropicans are doing? Maybe they got powers, too!” Said Vampi.

“Um, sure!” Said Fierce Flyer, shrugging.

So they all exited the field in a single-file-orderly-fashioned-line. Once at the city center, they did not see anyone. They checked all the islands, ranging from Timmy Failure Island to Ghost Story Island. But no one. Not even CJ, or Balloon Boy.        

“Um, where did everyone go?” Asked Cheerful Heart!”


“Beats me.” Was her reply by Curious Dragon.

“Well then, shouldn’t we go and forage for food? We will die of starvation if we don’t.”


So they all went into the forest, Brave Burger parading through the trees just because she had forest powers then.    

Sneaky Lightning, hearing all pitches, heard a sound coming from the bushes. “Guys! I think there is something there in the bushes!”

“Yeah, yeah, like the time where you thought someonee was spying on us in the tree fort when we were five, yet it was just Magic Sinker coming back from somewhere!”

“Guys, guys! No need for rudeness, let’s just see what Sneaky Lightning is claimimg to have heard.”

They went to the bush behind them. But just as they arrived, the unwelcome guest tried to escape. Brave Burger, who was really fast because she was in a forest, sprand up from her relaxed position, and super-speeded towards the violator. Then Lucky Wing made an energy ball using Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, and Oxygen molecules. She shot it at the figure.

A high-pitched moan came from her. “Ow! Why are you hurting me? I was just looking for food on this new planet!”

“Oh, sorry! But who are you!” Magic Sinker exclaimed.

“I’m Daphone, Elemental of Plants. And who, may I ask, are you?”

“Poptropicans!” They replied in unison. Except Vampi, who retained the role as a PoptropiVampire.

“Guys, I think we are safe with this group. Poptropicans, meet the rest of the Elementals.

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