Super Saturdays… News Straight from the Creators’ Blog!

Hi guys! I would like to ask if you’ve seen the blogs I advertised some time ago!

Anyway, I am not getting into that. Today, even though I am a little late, I want to say that there is a new picture on the Creators’ Blog! I  think  know that it is a new item in Poptropica Worlds (Is this what they meant by a few more sneak peaks until the opening day of Pop Worlds… It seems to be getting closer!;)) because of the typing in the top left-hand corner.
I think it’ll be a new belt, or with a little imagination, a watch!

And, I know the Creators did not post out the IotMs until a few days after May 1st. I am guessing that they did it after “May the Fourth (Be with you!)”. The islands are…

  1. Nabooti (Yay!☺) and
  2. Mystery of the Map! (Um, okay?😬:?☺)

The only reason I think that they did MotM is because of the new graphic novel. Sadly, I haven’t read any of the three.

Peebles the PoptastiCat has a new saying! And Red Lobster will have some questions for the all-new Off-Tropica page. He will also have some dates and news about this blog. And I have a question for all you readers: Should I close down the Discord Chat? It’s just taking up space and nobody even visits it so…

In other news, I am Starting up Island Showdows again! But in a whole new style! Just wait for either me, Greedy Clown, or Brave Burger to post it. But Where is This will be discontinued. So sorry.

Here is the list of new Elementals! Mighty Seagull’s friend, along with Brave Burger and Greedy Clown helped me come up with some names. Here they are!

  • Blizz (Ice)
  • Moonsong (Darkness)
  • Sunbeam (Light)
  • Misty (Air)
  • Dewdrop (Water)
  • Wisp (Smoke)
  • Erosia(Acid)
  • Neptune (Space)
  • Kinetica(Quantum Energy)
  • Hammerbelle (Metal)
  • Starphire (Lava)
  • Salfron (Spirits)
  • Morotia(Death)
  • Daphone(Plants)
  • Zinnia (Pollen)
  • Jade (Aether)
  • Burnette (Nether)
  • Magnette (Magnetics)
  • Spillie (Oil)
  • Swift (Shadow)
  • Bolt (Thunder)
  • Melody (Sound)
  • Arrow (Poison)
  • Harmonique (Peace)
  • Leviatha (Gravity)
  • Shift (Form)
  • Catherine (Copy)
  • Minnie(Time)
  • Electra (Electricity)
  • Opal (Omni-Elemental)

And Minnie is Time because of a “Min(n)i(e)-Second”

Catherine is Copy because of “Copy-Cat(herine)

Lastly, Opal is Omni-Elemental because Brave Burger wanted her to be.

I think that’s it for me today! Bye!

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