Thriller Thoughtful Thursdays… Fanfic Chapter 1

Hi guys! On my way to school so I’m in a hurry. Here is the FanFic:

Chapter 1

At Ice N’ Cream, Magic Sinker marched up to the counter in a laid back manner. “Seven Ice-creams,  rainbow flavour!”

Just as she was about to pay, Lucky Wing the Cyborg walked in. Seeing a Cyborg in these parts of the universe was not weird, it was actually normal. In fact,

weird was normal. The only ‘normal’ person in the group was Nice Snowball. Just then, Lucky Wing the Cyborg walked in. 

“‘Sup, Lucky!” Said Magic Sinker. “Hey, bruh.” Lucky replied. “I was just at the tree-fort,  couldn’t see you so I came here!”

“Want an ice-cream?” Offered MS. “Sure!” Lucky replied.

“Don’t worry, you can have it free since you’ve already bought seven.” Said Nice Biker, the cashier.

“Thanks!” Hollered Brave Burger from the sliding door.

“You know, you guys will have to carry your own ice-cream. I ain’t carrying them for you!” Magic Sinker said

“Aargh!” Muttered Greedy Clown, half strutting half stomping towards the counter. “Let’s go!”

They met Fierce Flyer and Trusty Bear on their way back, and continued, picking up their pace.

Back at the tree fort with Lucky Wing, Fierce Flyer, and Trusty Bear after they had finished their cold treat, the girls and boys discussed the grave matter that would soon destroy Poptropica.

But before that, The seven informed the newest three about what had happened. And Trusty Bear was all like, “Please, call me Vampi, ’cause see, I’m not actually a Poptropican, I am a PoptropiVampire.” So from then on, Trusty Bear was Vampi.

“We must form a posse to stop this! Poptropica is where I’ve been forever!” Said Lucky Wing. Apparently, she had seen the advertisement, too.

“Then again, we could always take the next spaceship to the planet Earth.” Mentioned Curious Dragon.

“Aw come on!” Said everyone, clearly annoyed.

“Any other ideas?” Said Cheerful Heart?

“Unfortunately,  I don’t have any.” Said each one of them.

It was getting late, and each one of them had to go to their homes. But none of them could sleep that night, knowing what would happen in the near future. 

The next day, at school in Chemistry class, they were all learning about supernovae. “Okay, class, what is a supernova, class? Hands up, no wild behaviour.” Said the strict Ms. Star, Silver Star.

“Everyone was looking around at each other, scared of being the ‘nerd’ of the class. 

“If no one’s gonna answer, I guess I have to.” A supernova is a star that suddenly becomes much brighter because it’s exploding. ” Said Mighty Flame.

“I’m gonna go get some coffee.” Said the teacher. Once she was gone, Quick Fox, the meanest and most popular girl walked up to Mighty.

“Look who we’ve got here, Mr Nerd Pants!

“Oooohh?” Mocks to Mighty Flame started popping up. Like “Chapa!” “What’cha gonna do bout it” etc.

Magic Sinker and the other nine looked around nervously at each other.

“Oh! Why don’t you swallow some of that makeup and pride and maybe you’ll actually be pretty on the inside!” Not one imagined that he would say such a thing.


“Oooohh!” The class taunted.

“C’mon, get a life nerd!” Quick Fox chuckled.

“Get a heart, self-obsessed diva!” Mighty Flame literally screamed.

“Ha, cash me outside, how ’bout dah!” The furious Quick Fox replied.

Then Fierce Flyer, being the charismatic boy that he was, tried to break up the fight but miserably failed.

Luckily, the teacher walked back in and the class sat up erect. The bell rang.

The rest of the school day went as fast as sound. The eight met at the fort to do their chemistry homework. Two blocks away from school, they saw Mighty Flame sobbing in the corner.

“I’ll go talk to her.” Said Cheerful Heart. “I’m good at this sorta thing.”

She managed to calm him down. “Wanna hang with us and do our homework?” Cheerful asked him.

“Yah, what do I have to lose.” He gloomily said

Back at the fort, they discussed the question for the activity. The question was:

How do supernovae explode and how can we stop the one near Poptropica from exploding from the impact of the supernova? Due next Monday. 6 A4 pages long.

“OK, so it seems like the catastrophe isn’t a collision, it’s an explosion.” Stated Mighty Flame.

“But-but that’s scientifically impossible, the star that’s exploding hasn’t been alive for merely a billion years! It’s supposed to explode in… multiply the 37 by the diameter of the star’s surface and divide by 3.14159265×r×r… subtract 5 quadrillion divide by the square root of 144.5222223… okay in about seventeen trillion years. So what could have made it unstable?” Said Curious Dragon.

“I personally don’t think that this is a supernova. Something–or someone– must have done something–”

“Sabotaged!” Lucky Wing barged in.

“The star.” Said Curious Dragon. “But-but this isn’t the only star colliding. Studies show that all the planets around Poptropica, in fact all the planets in the Virtual Solar System in this galaxy are moving in to collide with Poptropica!:evil:”

“Okay, don’t panic. This might happen long after we die.” Brave Burger calmly stated.

“And it is approximately happening… this week.” Said Curious Dragon. 

“Okay, you may officially panic.” Said Brave Burger.

Automatically, everyone started a shouting frenzy Mighty Gamer snuck out of the fort and back to his home, where his parents were waiting. One hour later, when everyone else calmed down, they decided to stay in the fort and die in it.

But little did they know, everyone was evacuating Poptropica, and when they came out, if they ever cane out, it would be a ghost town.

Look out for more next week!

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