Wonderfully Wacky Wednesdays… A New Poem, and tips for You Aspiring Bloggers!

First off, I would like to dedicate this post to Miss Seagull, and Brave Burger’s sister, and her upcoming blog, Poptanium (You know who you are!)

Second, I would like to say that I have been really tired sjnce I was up ’till late eorking on my debate speech, making last minute changes.

I hope you liked the Prologue! Chapter 1 will post tomorrow. And Vampi & Fierce Flyer are now main characters, but sorry, there can be no more. So no “sue-ing me for a dollar” if you think that’ll work.

Anyway, here is the poem! And the gymnastics routine/schedule!

                                                            Mr Peebles

                                                      By Brave Burger    

He’ll make you laugh

He’ll make you giggle

He’ll make you cry ’cause

He’s so little!

Little bits of inspiration 

From Mr. Peebles Nation!
As seen in the poem, Mr. Peebles the PoptastiCat with be publishing little bits of inspiration every other day, or on a weekly basis. Red Lobster will be publishing news on a weekly basis. Who do you like more⁉❓❔❓❔ tell me in the comments.

Now, here is the way to start your blog! 

  • You could always add me as an author/administrator then delete me once I have helped you set up your blog. Though I don’t want to seem like all I am trying to do is get myself on more blogs. So this point is really optional (then again all of them are…)
  • You could go on the Poptropica Web Directory on the PHB, and advertise your blog. You could even do it through Direct Messaging on Discord.me.
  • Look at other people’s blogs! No, I am not saying you copy what they have done, since they have worked hard on creating a unique idea! Though in a way, yours should be unique, too.
  • Use proper grammar and punctuation (emojis;) make people feel welcome, too! But don’t overdo it. There is a list of typing tips on the PHB. These tips include emojis on WordPress.com. If you are using blogger, I don’t know what you should try). People trust what you are saying more if you seem professional and sophisticated, which in this case is using proper grammar.
  • Be yourself! If other people (this is just an example, don’t take it as a real situation) are swearing, it doesn’t mean that you have to if you want your blog to have lots of hits. Trust me, they will like you for who you are.
  • Look for interesting news! Don’t do stuff like, “I went to the arcade, and played a game called Paint War. The End.” First, everyone does, and second, it isn’t interesting. Do stuff like, “There has been a new island leak! The Creators still have no idea who found it or where it came from! Click continue reading to see the pictures!”
  • Don’t be too focused on gaining lots of hits. They will come naturally if you really and truly are having fun blogging!:mrgreen:

I gotta go! Bai!

3 thoughts on “Wonderfully Wacky Wednesdays… A New Poem, and tips for You Aspiring Bloggers!

    • ShayShayGamer says:

      It is fine. I need to check out your post! Also, please ask Shay Axe (I am talking to YOU Brave Burger) if she can add me on her blog to be an author for me to help her with posts and setting up then she can take me off it. Tell her I LOVE her blog and she deserves a merit for it (I think she is the only 4th grader apart from Bendy Flyer doing a Poptropica Blog!


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